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The Shadow

The Shadow It was fall, sickness it was late. The different tunes of the colors made the evening look dark. Sweet smells of plants on the weat ground, sales turning into soil. Slow winds playing among the trees, touching the last straw of grass, the sleepy movements of the lake. The forest main road was […]

Mount Analogue

You cannot stay on the summit forever; you have to come down again. So why bother in the first place? Just this: What is above knows what is below, viagra sale But, illness what is below does not know what is above. One climbs, one sees. One descends, one sees no longer, but one has […]

Open the Door, to That Which is Pure

Open the Door, to that which is Pure. We are Our Own Doctor, We hold Our Own Cure. The Past hidden Ages, do not need to hold Sway. Over so much that We Do, or so much that We Say. The Desire which shimmers, is holding a Lie. Searching the shadows, while the Light we […]

For best results, yield…

Any student who enjoys Boabom, who tries to understand its peculiar Ways, especially Logak, will find this poem by Lao-Tzu enriched by the perspective of the Art. Stretching a bow or filling a teacup, it is the same: For best results, yield. Over-harden a blade and it will soon break; Stuff a house full of riches and […]

Three Boabom Haikus

Solstice approaches. Good friends, see fresh air, pharmacy lots of food. Boabom outside! Elegant Yuas Phrased together as a class. There is sweet music … Paralyzed with Fear, Gaunai Humiliation. Student’s first logak. – The Other Anonymous Student (Boabom North)

Three Boabom Haiku

Breathing through movement. Barely can do this new move. Samut: “Too easy.” Balance improves, view but… Flailing arms and legs. Watch out! Someone yells “Timber!” Angry arrival. Meditation in movement. Why was I so mad? – The Other Anonymous Student (Boabom North)

“Poemas Místicos” in!

Sojamm! It is the first month of the year and we already have good news. The book Mystic Meditations (Poemas Místicos) by Asanaro is officially available to the public! It can be purchased from anywhere in the world through We invite everyone to share this with friends and those who are interested in learning […]

Thinking about our Boabom classes… : )

Greetings, grins and smiles, welcome students all sandals, shoes and boots, waiting in the hall conversation bubbles, and laughter while we wait someone changes quickly, they were a minute late there is no inconvenience, no one is upset as a group we stick together, since the day we met now class begins it’s rhythm, seductive […]

Boabom Haiku

Among the treetops Is where we dare to emcee Right-, left-brain; hands, feet   Sweat, breathe, move: we’re one The week’s “to-dos” are outdone Awaken yourself –Vanessa & Lucie (Boabom North)

Poem by Lao Tzu

On tiptoe, advice one is not steady; Stretching legs cannot keep pace. The intent to shine dulls the gleam; Claims of greatness merely diminish. Great presumption makes nothing grow, And smugness simply fades away. To find harmony with yourself, it is a waste to carry these things with you… Tear them up, throw them away, […]