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Once again Life speaks through a photo…

Once again Life speaks through a photo. Since beginning at The Boston School of Boabom i have begun to relearn my lost listening skills. As children we have a very clear, direct and honest way of seeing, hearing and living. These skills are lost or more so buried under the acceptances we make, as we […]

Bamso: The Journeys… Portraits from Tibet

Sojamm!!! Here are a few more portraits from Tibet to brighten your afternoon! Photographs by Yemado

The Legend of the Mmulmmat: Coming Soon!!!

He barely made it to the peak, viagra where he climbed a rock covered by a white mantle of snows. He looked at the great circular line of the horizon and saw only mountains and more mountains; the view was sharp and clear. He was amidst of the summits of the world, for sale and […]

And the Prizes Continue: Photographs and More!

Our featured prize today is a framed photographic print by Yemado (known to many at the school as Sayani). Yemado has been taking photographs of nature for many years now, and is donating a photograph to this year’s Boston School of Boabom Solstice Raffle! You can choose any photograph from his flickr stream, which he […]

The Inner World of Microscope Photography

The world around us is full of surprises, tadalafil if only we take the time to look! Whether on an enormous, cheap normal, or tiny scale, the world around us never ceases to amaze, and like a Boabom class, every moment we are bound to see something new and different. This organization gathers the best […]

Stillness in the City… Boabom NYC

Well, the new season of Boabom Classes in New York has begun–we had a great Saturday in New York last weekend, we’re looking forward to another class this week. Same time: Free Class 1:30-2:00 Boabom: 2:00-3:00 Ame Pace, at BAX: 421 5th Ave. in Park Slope! Little by little, our new school is growing!!! Visit […]

Boabom by Fire!

3D Boabom!

Hello Everyone! Here are the morning’s Boabom pictures! The most amazing pictures ever… Boabom in 3D!!! You’ll need 3D glass to view them… so look and enjoy! 1. Cover of The Secret Art of Boabom. Photograph ©Asanaro, effects by Benjain. 2. From The Secret Art of Boabom, 1st Step, Chapter 5. Drawing by Asanaro, effects […]