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Boabom NYC: Free Class this Saturday, 1/16!

Boabom New York is offering a Free Class in Manhattan this Saturday at 12:30 PM! Come one, ed come all! The class will be held at the Edward Cayce ARE: 241 W. 30th St. #102 (2nd Floor) Manhattan This will be the first of our classes in Manhattan–the first of many to come. More […]

Bamso: The Art of Dreams is available today!!!

We’re very happy to announce that Bamso: The Art of Dreams, by Asanaro, is now available from bookstores and online retailers! Bamso: the Art of Dreams recollects the story of Asanaro, student of the Boabom Arts, as he begins to explore the mysterious world of dreams under the guidance of his teacher. Asanaro learns how […]

A T-shirt for Boabom New York?

If you have other idea… send it!! ~~~~~§~~~~~

Boabom New York: New Season!!!

      This past weekend kicked off the new season of Boabom classes in New York City!!! Little by little (as always ; ) the tide of our Art is flowing, help opening the way to a new city and a new school. Sayani Yemado (from the Northern Boabom schools), treat is responsible for […]