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Reconnect …, Occupy …, Evolve …

Often I write of connections made through thinking outside of what is the norm. But then learning to do so is like life, a process which progresses little by little. Through my study of Boabom I am learning to quiet my mind and to listen to my body, with hopes of thinking more clearly than […]


SEAMM-JASANI {The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani} Breathing Technique: Inhalation (Nssss) / Exhalation (Haaaa) With Sound x2 = (With two short movements {Nsss…Nsss…Haaa…Haaa}) Inhale/Contain/Exhale Exercises with containment (hold air) The First Thirty-Five Funamental movements First Part: Standing Movements General Basic Movements: Relaxing and loosening up 1st CYCLE : 1- Forward arm stretch – continue moving legs […]