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Much of eastern thought is based on the concept that all things are impermanent; in the Boabom Arts, view however, sale we say that it is not impermanent, it is in movement. Although these ideas may seem to be different ways of saying the same thing, they are really different points of view. One reminds […]

Melting Snow Globes!

The recent Amazing weather reanimated the old ‘Must Walk Gene”, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day (must be why they call it “Mother” Nature), i followed the collective decision to get out and enjoy. Walking for me is always a positive. More so in good weather, better yet near water. As i walked and […]

the Car Wash

Went to the car wash today, i know it is a waste of good water and the soap probably is not so good for the environment, but it is a necessary evil. Well for as long as i drive a car and when occasionally, i can’t bear to see it so grimy. Maybe i should […]