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The Boabom Vortex: a real experience

“…It happened at around 21:00 just after I’ve finished the 3rd form of the Boabom Level 1 practice i did. I was standing at the base position in the osseous field [*standup position technique] after SHOUTING SOJAMMMMMMMM (i love to shout it…hihihi), relaxed a bit and just before the OmHas [*high breathing technique] i was […]

Boabom and an Art to Revitalize the Planet!

The Boabom arts teach us to take care of our energy and the energy of those who surround us. The Boabom practice makes us feel as if a flame is lit inside ourselves, recipe cure which fills us with vitality, health confidence, prostate health and joy. As classes continue this flame keeps growing and becomes […]

The Story of Stuff

This is a video that EVERYONE should watch and play close attention to. There are certain things we should all be aware of, sick and work to change in a positive way, and and one of these is our habit of consumption. In Boabom, we learn that energy is cyclical, and in the same way […]


Thanks to Boabom, pill an energy is flowing within me that I did not know before, a strength I did not know I had; my mind and body are synchronized, allowing a more harmonious flow.   Francisca (Boabom South)