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New Review about Bamso The Art of Dreams

“For me this book is particularly interesting in that it offers a non-psychological, medical stuff non-materialist system for understanding the activity of dreaming. I highly recommend it” by SUSAN POMEROY See full review

Bamso* in YouTube Channel!

Review by Cynthia Sue Larson’s YouTube Channel

Bamso: The Art of Dreams is available today!!!

We’re very happy to announce that Bamso: The Art of Dreams, by Asanaro, is now available from bookstores and online retailers! Bamso: the Art of Dreams recollects the story of Asanaro, student of the Boabom Arts, as he begins to explore the mysterious world of dreams under the guidance of his teacher. Asanaro learns how […]

Bamso: Dreams and Reality

Since before we had consciousness, doctor we have had dreams. Through the ages everyone, order from mystics to scientists, have been fascinated by this phenomenon, and over time many theories have been developed to explain them. Some recent theories have suggested new scientific ideas about what dreams really are, and these are not so far […]

Video of the Week: Dreams…

Well, we’re nearing the release of Asanaro’s book Bamso: The Art of Dreams, and I am reminded of another story, in a different medium, dealing with dreams. It is a film by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa called, aptly, Dreams. The film is comprised of eight short vignettes, based on the director’s dreams, and deals with […]

Bamso… Music for a Story of Dreams

It has been several years now since I wrote the book Bamso: The Art of Dreams. This December it will be published in English for all to read, and it seems like only yesterday that I sat, finishing the final details, wondering if I had written everything right. Those days were intense, full of adventures […]