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Give a Cat a Home – MSPCA Adoptathon this Weekend!

Sojaaaam and positive energies to everyone!  I wanted to let everyone know about a fantastic event at the MSPCA November 5 and 6 (this weekend!)  The MSPCA cares for thousands of homeless cats every year.  Most of these cats are adults over the age of one.  While kittens are adopted quickly, adult cats often remain […]

Bamso: The Journeys…

Yambulakang, Tibet’s first building… The Yambulakang is the legendary home of the ancient kings of Tibet. According to legend, they descended from the sky to rule, returning there when they had finished their reign. Anyway, it’s high enough that it might not be so difficult… Photographs by Yemado

Boabom Meditations – 38 Stories and Fables: The Way of the Wild Cat

The Way of the Wild Cat (From the new book: “Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables” – Chapter 3)  There once was a wild cat who was friends with a house cat, and every once in a while they’d go hunting together. On a particular day they found themselves quite hungry, so they chased a plump, […]

Boabom Cats…

“mmm… my young apprentice… good position! As we say in Boabom; a good foundation makes a good building”