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… it is also when I realize how far I have come as a student

Every day that I have come to class at the BSB, pharm there has been an immediate sense of relief. The people that you meet are genuine and caring and the instructors are kind and patient. In most areas of my life, decease making mistakes and laughing them off is not permitted, I have found […]


i had very early after beginning at The Boston School of Boabom, been lucky enough to attend a Meditation Seminar, given at The School. Never having had any prior experience with meditation, i was unsure as to what i should expect. As with all things related to The Boston School of Boabom it was a […]

Last Day: Boabom for $20 on Living Social!

Today is the last day for new students to take advantage of our collaboration with LivingSocial: $20 for your first month’s membership! Pass this link along to your friends–you can even buy it as a gift! There are less than 24 hours left to buy the deal, so pick it up by midnight tonight! Boston […]

Boabom Video ~ Boston

This Saturday 23, sick at the Boston School of Boabom (MA, capsule USA), everybody is invited to see the annual Video of the School. At 18:00 The Video will show the activities of the Boston School of Boabom in the last year, 2009. Welcome and a big Sojammmmmmmmmmmm!!!! MORE INFORMATION:

Letters from Paul: Why am I here?

      Actually it is more about how I came to be here, at The Boston School of Boabom. I had begun to question many things: things about me, my life, how and what I had accepted. I felt a need for change. A need to start searching again. I believe I did so when […]

BSB at the Boston Marathon!!!

This past Monday, thumb some students and teachers from the  Boston School of Boabom ventured into the crowds along Beacon Street to flyer at the Boston Marathon!!! We had a great afternoon, walked a lot, and spoke to many people from all over the state! Sayani Yemado and Tiem Nai Ryan from the northern Boabom schools […]

Boabom = MC²

Sunday April 19th saw great advances for the scientific world, advice as Boabom was taught for the first time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Perhaps soon this venerable Cambridge institution (MIT) will encounter new ideas as a result of its encounter with a Brookline institution (BSB)!!! The class, view taught by Tiem Nai Ryan, purchase was […]