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Build an Altar…

Build an Altar, buy Adorn it in the finest way, pills Believe in it in the greatest way, Adore it in the deepest way… then Burn it. From Mystic Meditations by Asanaro

108: Alignment of Light!

At the right time of  year, illness the alignment is just right…

Meditation Seminar at Boabom Norge: June 1st!

Meditation Seminar: developing simple steps of meditation. Everyone is welcome to participate in this extraordinary weekend of meditation! This seminar will develop several steps of meditation, physician linked with Seamm-Jasani and Boabom, that are easy to practice at home and do not require any special physical condition. The class will focus on exercises for breath, […]

Why do we celebrate the Solstice in BOABOM?

Many will ask, search why do we celebrate the Solstice? Why celebrate that date and not any other that might belong to a specific tradition, whether eastern or western? In the Boabom traditions there are no defined traditions but the ones that the schools determine according to their form and what is needed in the […]

New Poster: Boabom!!!

  New from Asanaro: a quick-reference practice poster for the Secret Art of Boabom!  Useful for the beginner or advanced practitioner, see this poster shows the complete sequence of movements from the book the Secret Art of Boabom. This poster is now available via For more information on Asanaro and his books,visit

The Sword of Yaanbao: A Boabom Story

The Sword of Yaanbao A long time ago there was an old Boabom Guide named Tireless Expert. He had been born with a walking impediment, drugs but despite this he was famous for his abilities in the defense Arts called Yaanbao-Boabom, drugs which consisted of the mastery of elements of defense, recipe especially the most […]

For Joselín Godoy, An Anonymous Hero

Sojamm students, pilule friends and teachers of Boabom South and North! Some days ago my student, pharm our student, no rx and member of the Boabom Council, Joselín Godoy, left his body to soar towards the great universal mystery. I will miss him, and I am sure that everyone who knew him will remember him […]

YAANBAO: The Boabom of the Elements

YAANBAO: “THE ART OF THE ELEMENTS” “We can see Yaanbao as a ‘caged bonfire’, and or the continuous and dangerous burning produced by the wood located in a great siphon… not only generates heat and an explosion of energy.” (Quote from the book: The Secret Art of Boabom) Name: Yaanbao. Pronunciation: ‘ya-an-bāo [ipa] Meaning: Art of the Elements. Origin: Yaanbao is […]

Thangka: The Boston School of Boabom

Thangka: The Boston School of Boabom This Thangka* is part of the collection donated to the Boabom Schools by Thupten Tulpa (from Lhasa, Tibet). Handmade and painted by Tibetan artists in Lhasa, the Thangka is made in the traditional Tibetan style, with pigments made of hand-pulverized minerals, mounted on natural silk with fine embroidery. The […]

Happy Holidays and New Year from the Boabom Schools!

Happy Solstice, Holidays, and New Year from all of the Boabom Schools!!! We hope your last year has been exciting, enjoyable, and full of positive energies!!! It has been a great year for the Boabom Schools, their teachers and students around the world! •Boabom Norway: We are very happy to announce the formation of the […]

Boston School of Boabom Solstice: This Saturday, June 18th!!!

Join us for our annual Summer Solstice and Mmulargan New Year Celebration this Saturday June 18th at 4pm at 

Boabom Thangka: Original Tibetan Art and the Boabom Schools

Thangka of the Southern Boabom School: Buiobom The Thangka* in this photograph was painted in Lhasa by Tibetan artists, shop as a special present from  Boabom Tulpa Thupten, official representative of the Boabom Schools in Tibet and the Far East. The painting was done with traditional Tibetan paints, made by hand from pulverized minerals, and […]

New book of Seamm-Jasani soon!!!

SOON ENGLISH VERSION!!!! ~~~~~§~~~~~

The Amazing Woman…

The recent photos shared in the Boabom Journal, sickness hold for me, purchase as do most things Boabom, troche and Boabom induced or related, a window, a door, a connection. The angles and colors combine with the subjects of the photos to speak. They hold, offer and say more than the obvious. If we are […]

Stillness is the move.


“Poemas Místicos” in!

Sojamm! It is the first month of the year and we already have good news. The book Mystic Meditations (Poemas Místicos) by Asanaro is officially available to the public! It can be purchased from anywhere in the world through We invite everyone to share this with friends and those who are interested in learning […]

Thinking about our Boabom classes… : )

Greetings, grins and smiles, welcome students all sandals, shoes and boots, waiting in the hall conversation bubbles, and laughter while we wait someone changes quickly, they were a minute late there is no inconvenience, no one is upset as a group we stick together, since the day we met now class begins it’s rhythm, seductive […]

Quote of the Day

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. ” Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist ps: in other words, if you really want to improve your Boabom… 😉

Quote of the Day

This positive energy is transmitted… If you achieve this positive aura of the Art and know how to conduct it, seek the people who surround you will thank you. Somehow you will be changing the world. As a matter of fact, sickness if you have a positive change, you evolve, and with this change alone […]