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Boabom NYC: Free Class this Saturday, 1/16!

Boabom New York is offering a Free Class in Manhattan this Saturday at 12:30 PM! Come one, ed come all! The class will be held at the Edward Cayce ARE: 241 W. 30th St. #102 (2nd Floor) Manhattan This will be the first of our classes in Manhattan–the first of many to come. More […]

A T-shirt for Boabom New York?

If you have other idea… send it!! ~~~~~§~~~~~

Stillness in the City… Boabom NYC

Well, the new season of Boabom Classes in New York has begun–we had a great Saturday in New York last weekend, we’re looking forward to another class this week. Same time: Free Class 1:30-2:00 Boabom: 2:00-3:00 Ame Pace, at BAX: 421 5th Ave. in Park Slope! Little by little, our new school is growing!!! Visit […]

Boabom, New York and history of a picture

Many are the students of Boabom, especially in the US, that identify the Boabom School with a picture that has been extensively used for the publicity of the classes, whether on postcards, posters or in the train stations. Every picture is a moment of life that is frozen and stopped to delight and make the […]