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New Poster: Boabom!!!

  New from Asanaro: a quick-reference practice poster for the Secret Art of Boabom!  Useful for the beginner or advanced practitioner, see this poster shows the complete sequence of movements from the book the Secret Art of Boabom. This poster is now available via For more information on Asanaro and his books,visit

Happy Solstice from the Boabom Arts, and news for 2011!!!

Hello and a Huge Greeting to Everyone!!!! A Happy Winter Solstice, Holidays, New Year, and everything else! All of the Teachers of Boabom would like to send you season’s greetings, along with some news from the past year and announcements for the upcoming one!!! This past year has been an eventful and productive one for […]


i had very early after beginning at The Boston School of Boabom, been lucky enough to attend a Meditation Seminar, given at The School. Never having had any prior experience with meditation, i was unsure as to what i should expect. As with all things related to The Boston School of Boabom it was a […]

The Legend of the Mmulmmat: Coming Soon!!!

He barely made it to the peak, viagra where he climbed a rock covered by a white mantle of snows. He looked at the great circular line of the horizon and saw only mountains and more mountains; the view was sharp and clear. He was amidst of the summits of the world, for sale and […]

The Legend of the Mmulmmat – Coming Soon!

“…Slowly, what he respected before he now despises, and in this change he uses words as an implacable weapon. Human shall now mean not-animal, the female shall become a servant, belonging to man. Man shall be the entire species, of mother and father, only father shall rule, while the daughter shall not share in the […]

“Poemas Místicos” in!

Sojamm! It is the first month of the year and we already have good news. The book Mystic Meditations (Poemas Místicos) by Asanaro is officially available to the public! It can be purchased from anywhere in the world through We invite everyone to share this with friends and those who are interested in learning […]

Quote of the day

This is the ancestral movement of life, patient and they are the beings who seek its Path…” Asanaro, The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani

Quote of the day

The artist realizes himself in his work; the mind realizes itself in life.” Asanaro, cure The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani