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Boabom and the Olympics: Art and Sport

Today we are inundated with publicity from the current Olympiad, held every 4 years with barely any interruption for a little over a century. Without detracting from the effort to bring together different nations on the sporting field, perhaps this event deserves a deeper analysis, beyond any political debate, from the point of view of […]

Thangka: The Boston School of Boabom

Thangka: The Boston School of Boabom This Thangka* is part of the collection donated to the Boabom Schools by Thupten Tulpa (from Lhasa, Tibet). Handmade and painted by Tibetan artists in Lhasa, the Thangka is made in the traditional Tibetan style, with pigments made of hand-pulverized minerals, mounted on natural silk with fine embroidery. The […]

An[other] Interactive Artist

Golan Levin is an artist/engineer who makes interactive, computer-aided artworks. As he says in this talk, he’s interested in “expanding the vocabulary of human action” and helping people to “discover themselves as creative actors through interactive experiences”. In this talk he displays some of his art installations and shows how people interact with them using […]