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From the Editors

A huge greeting to All!

Today it is time to begin a new stage for the Boabom Arts and Schools.

Beyond appreciating Boabom as an Art of Relaxation and Defense, check its students and teachers have always manifested a common character: independent, cialis positive, medical broad-minded, with an aesthetic sense and a constant desire to search for personal reality; all of linked through the idea of meditating on and valuing oneself.

These qualities, natural consequences of the technique and harmony that Boabom provides, have over many years created an extraordinary community of artists, poets, and students of all professions and beliefs, yet always with one thing in common: an enormous positive and creative energy. It is no surprise that many of our students and teachers are musicians, painters, artisans, writers, actors, and opera singers, as well as professionals in medicine (allopathic and alternative), herbalism, ecology, permaculture, construction and engineering, among many others. The Boabom community has much to give the world.

The goal of this journal is to channel this energy to develop a vision renewed through positive ideas: a distinct angle of view, through the entire palette of artistic creation, on the world that human beings have developed.

It is our desire that the Boabom Journal avoid pure criticism, so that it may become something more difficult to attain: a chronicle of positive news, constructive ideas, alternative possibilities, helpful thoughts, warm poems, beautiful work, and articles filled with great ideas, all of which give haven and a smile to the future readers of our Journal… of your Boabom Journal!

These are the wishes and greetings of Sagat on behalf of the Boabom Council and the Editors.

11th Moon of the Year Ammait.

(Western Time: Year 2009 – 4th Month – Twelfth Day)