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Seamm-Jasani (se’am-m ‘ha-‘sa-ni [ipa]): The perfection of gentleness. One of the physical teachings of the Mmulargan Boabom, Seamm-Jasani is an Art of active relaxation characterized by the use of slow and smooth coordinations in union with different breathing techniques.

Boabom (bōä-βom [ipa]): More specifically, Osseous Boabom. Defense or inner energy; osseous strength. The word “osseous” points to the nature and character of this form of Boabom as being akin to the skeletal system: light, strong, and flexible.

Yaanbao (‘ya-an-bāo [ipa]): Art of the Elements. Yaanbao is a branch of Boabom, a form of exercise and defense which develops movements through elements which take various shapes: medium, long and short sticks, swords, etc.

Mmulargan (mool–är-gän [ipa]): Literally translates as “School”, or in other words, the fundament of the teaching or the circle of the students and the Boabom teachers. It is also a formal way to name the Boabom Schools.

Logak (lo-gak [ipa]): A Boabom concept which means ‘the Art of balancing energy’. This term defines the application of the Art of Boabom as an open defense, where the technique must be neutralized or offset by students applying the movements face to face with one another. The primary objective is to find fluency, elegance, speed, accuracy, and security within oneself.

Bamso: The art of dreams. A concept that implies the capacity to have lucid dreams. It is a way to meditate within the dreams, part of the Boabom teaching.