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Transit of Venus Time Lapse Video

Last night, cure some lucky people with clear skies, along with a number of excited astronomers, had the chance to watch venus pass in front of the sun for the last time in quite a while! Here in Boston we had cloudy skies at sunset, but thanks to space telescopes and the internet, we can […]

Brain Plasticity

Happiness, Age and Boabom!

Here is a very interesting study, discussing the relation between age and happiness. Apparently they found that happiness follows a ‘U’ shaped curve, starting out high and going down through the 20s, 30s, and 40s, before rising again when people are in their 50s and up! At the same time, people were most angry in […]

Who we are?

We are children of the Stars…

Bamso: Dreams and Reality

Since before we had consciousness, doctor we have had dreams. Through the ages everyone, order from mystics to scientists, have been fascinated by this phenomenon, and over time many theories have been developed to explain them. Some recent theories have suggested new scientific ideas about what dreams really are, and these are not so far […]

The Inner World of Microscope Photography

The world around us is full of surprises, tadalafil if only we take the time to look! Whether on an enormous, cheap normal, or tiny scale, the world around us never ceases to amaze, and like a Boabom class, every moment we are bound to see something new and different. This organization gathers the best […]

Phenomenology of Logak

Phenomenology of Logak The title of this article may frighten the everyday reader. But, ampoule although you may not believe it, it deals with the most basic features imaginable. Any phenomenology is no more than the effort to unlock the absolutely distinctive and undeniable characteristics of a given phenomenon. We could say that the closest […]

Boabom and Economics

Economics today is maybe the most influential discipline in our world. Ideas like money, offer, demand, and so many deeply affect our lives. Investigating the basic economic principles is an interesting task, because it may shed light on our society. If we read any economics book, it says that this knowledge builds upon a basic […]

Robots and Boabom!!!

When I saw this Video I thought of this: A future with a Boabom Robot that will help you to learn Boabom, site fix your posture and help you to work better with each movement… This video is incredible.  One day, stomach the new generation will see a world with a great external technology and, […]

An[other] Interactive Artist

Golan Levin is an artist/engineer who makes interactive, computer-aided artworks. As he says in this talk, he’s interested in “expanding the vocabulary of human action” and helping people to “discover themselves as creative actors through interactive experiences”. In this talk he displays some of his art installations and shows how people interact with them using […]

The Story of Stuff

This is a video that EVERYONE should watch and play close attention to. There are certain things we should all be aware of, sick and work to change in a positive way, and and one of these is our habit of consumption. In Boabom, we learn that energy is cyclical, and in the same way […]

Boabom on the Brain

      When you’re doing brain science you can get lost in the details — there are mountains of theory and data aimed at making sense of how humans and animals adapt to an ever-changing world. My work focuses on how animals and humans learn. Boabom has given me a refreshingly holistic take on […]

Energy, Physics, and Boabom

The idea of energy is quite new. It’s not something as easy to grasp as the position, distance or velocity of an object. While these more simple ideas have been present in our culture for thousands of years, the concept of energy appeared in occidental science only in the beginning of the 18th century, in […]