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The Necessary Revolution!


Window Farms

Watch this video on Urban Farming! It’s a great way to live a little more sustainably within the contradictions of the city, and at the same time a great lesson in thinking positive and finding new solutions to our problems!!!

Who we are?


On January 31, 2009 the *BSBLROFC (Boabom Boston) came out en masse to attend a piano concert by our own Lindsey Robb. As some of you know Lindsey is an accomplished classical pianist who teaches at the Rivers School, Conservatory of Music in Weston, MA and who gives private lessons to some lucky fledgling students […]

We are children of the Stars…

Bamso* in YouTube Channel!

Review by Cynthia Sue Larson’s YouTube Channel

Boabom Forest School… Balinese Style?

The necesity of human being to gather, sale sing and dance together in special moments is without a doubt universal. This video shows the idea of singing as a ceremony, tadalafil celebration and union of a village, maybe some sort of “Boabom Forest School” at the other side of the world.

Fascinating story of a family…!

From a Boabom student comes this positive story of a long separated family coming together, with a certain amount of intuition, vibration, frequency, and following what we feel! Apparently blood may well be thicker than water and, much like water, seeks it’s own level, or, more so, “like flows to like”. The first story… And […]

The Fun Theory

Here’s an interesting video, showing that more people will take the stairs if they’re turned into a giant piano! You can see here how people respond immediately to the sound, interaction, and surprise brought about by this transformation of the everyday environment. More info can be found at The Fun Theory. The idea behind the […]

Video of the Week: Dreams…

Well, we’re nearing the release of Asanaro’s book Bamso: The Art of Dreams, and I am reminded of another story, in a different medium, dealing with dreams. It is a film by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa called, aptly, Dreams. The film is comprised of eight short vignettes, based on the director’s dreams, and deals with […]

Bamso… Music for a Story of Dreams

It has been several years now since I wrote the book Bamso: The Art of Dreams. This December it will be published in English for all to read, and it seems like only yesterday that I sat, finishing the final details, wondering if I had written everything right. Those days were intense, full of adventures […]

“Mulargan”: an original soundtrack for Boabom…

♬♪♩♩♩♩♪♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬♬ Welcome to the first original song in electric guitar made for the school! The name is  “Mulargan“, and it was composed and arranged by one of our students in the South. A big Sojammmm!!! to him, it’s an excellent song!

The Video of the Week!

Boabom Art, Art of the Adobe ..

What’s similar between Boabom and Eco-dome construction? Both are an Art: Boabom builds the body-mind with inexhaustible natural elements, available to anyone with the patience, strength of will and determination to go beyond the traditional, commercial and ordinary. The Eco-dome (superadobe) builds a loyal refuge for the body with inexhaustible natural elements, available to anyone with […]

‘Are’are: Music from the Solomon Islands

As students of Boabom know, there are many beautiful Arts that have been developed across the globe; from movement to cooking, painting to music, human beings have created a great diversity of artistic forms. Here is a wonderful video of percussive panpipe music from the ‘Are’are people of Malaita in the Solomon Islands, filmed by […]

Human Vibration

Movement, vibration, music and dance—we all naturally understand these primal languages of the world. In this video from the World Science Festival, musician Bobby McFerrin “plays” the audience like an instrument. It’s a fun demonstration that we share a common instinct for vibration—something Boabom students learn to appreciate, too! World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin […]

Robots and Boabom!!!

When I saw this Video I thought of this: A future with a Boabom Robot that will help you to learn Boabom, site fix your posture and help you to work better with each movement… This video is incredible.  One day, stomach the new generation will see a world with a great external technology and, […]

An[other] Interactive Artist

Golan Levin is an artist/engineer who makes interactive, computer-aided artworks. As he says in this talk, he’s interested in “expanding the vocabulary of human action” and helping people to “discover themselves as creative actors through interactive experiences”. In this talk he displays some of his art installations and shows how people interact with them using […]

The Story of Stuff

This is a video that EVERYONE should watch and play close attention to. There are certain things we should all be aware of, sick and work to change in a positive way, and and one of these is our habit of consumption. In Boabom, we learn that energy is cyclical, and in the same way […]