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Meditation Without Action is Like a Seed from Monsanto: Infertile

It is raining, this is nothing new in Nessoden, a pleasant village on a peninsula facing Oslo (Norway). Meanwhile, I am working quietly on the preparations for a meditation seminar organized by Boabom Norge. I review some notes and the program for the weekend. There are many ways to meditate, no doubt. For some, meditation […]

Boabom and the Olympics: Art and Sport

Today we are inundated with publicity from the current Olympiad, held every 4 years with barely any interruption for a little over a century. Without detracting from the effort to bring together different nations on the sporting field, perhaps this event deserves a deeper analysis, beyond any political debate, from the point of view of […]

Seamm-Jasani in POSTERS!

From Asanaro, there author of the bestselling The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani, ambulance comes this useful 2 posters-guide 1. A poster for beginners in the Art of Eternal Youth with 8 Essential Movements for daily practices. This poster serves as an excellent complement to the book of the same name, shop serving as a reference […]

Seamm-jasani; 8 Essential Movements

SOON THE NEW BOOK: “Seamm-jasani; 8 Essential Movements” It will be able in all the Boabom Schools, and

Brain Plasticity

Solstice Raffle Prizes… Bodywork and Acupuncture Edition!

We’ve got two more awesome gift certificates in our raffle!!! This first is for a free session of Thai Yoga Massage by Bob Bruillard of Bodyworkers of Boston! Located in the South End, Bodyworkers of Boston has won many awards for its excellent therapeutic massage. The second is for a free acupuncture session with Heather […]

More Raffle Prizes: Herbal Healing!!!

From herbalist Katja Swift we have a basket of four delicious and healing herbal teas.  After Dinner Gingermint warms and aids digestion after a heavy meal; Heart Health nourishes and tones cardiovascular muscle tissues; Relax and Dream calms the mind and promotes restful, look dream-filled sleep; and Sore Throat Tea (a BSB community favorite!) soothes, ampoule coats, and speeds […]

The Fun Theory

Here’s an interesting video, showing that more people will take the stairs if they’re turned into a giant piano! You can see here how people respond immediately to the sound, interaction, and surprise brought about by this transformation of the everyday environment. More info can be found at The Fun Theory. The idea behind the […]

Phenomenology of Logak

Phenomenology of Logak The title of this article may frighten the everyday reader. But, ampoule although you may not believe it, it deals with the most basic features imaginable. Any phenomenology is no more than the effort to unlock the absolutely distinctive and undeniable characteristics of a given phenomenon. We could say that the closest […]

Laughter Therapy

Boabom students already know the importance to laugh and feel happy! Our classes make us feel that way everyday!  But have a look now at this video and see how such a simple thing as laughing can really make a change in the world  and make people feel better and happy!  

Imagine, dream

One of the most creative forces of the world is within our mind… some call it to dream or to imagine. Likewise, recipe one of the most obstructive forces of the world is also within our mind… some call it culture. Imagine, a song of John Lennon, was published in 1971 in the album of […]

Boabom on the Brain

      When you’re doing brain science you can get lost in the details — there are mountains of theory and data aimed at making sense of how humans and animals adapt to an ever-changing world. My work focuses on how animals and humans learn. Boabom has given me a refreshingly holistic take on […]

Katja’s Korner: Katja on the Radio!

On Saturday morning, May 9, Katja (BSB North) will be on the radio! Katja is a clinical herbalist and teaches regularly in the area. This summer, she’ll be teaching an apprentice program for the Boston School of Herbal Studies with another herbalist, Mischa Schuler. Also, Katja had been teaching in the Boston School Boabom. They’ll […]


One of the foundations of Seamm-Jasani is breathing: with it we can channel the accumulated energies to our favor, sickness which allows us to have clarity of mind and therefore, purchase to focus and then concrete our goals. If you ever find yourself in an adverse situation you can stop for a moment, purchase do […]

Katja’s Korner: What’s the difference between allergy medication and natural remedies? (Sunday, April 19 – MIT / Saturday, April 25 – BSB)

So, what’s the difference between allergy medication and natural remedies? Well… When you have allergy symptoms, that’s a message that your body is in a stress-state. At that point, your immune system is dealing with more than it has resources to fight. You don’t realize it, but at that point, you’re already fighting off a flu, strep throat, […]

Boldo, an Invisible Teacher of Boabom

All students from the Southern Boabom Schools are aware of the Mountain Schools, pills which are always different: there are always students and new courses; one is never the same as another, both in participants and in the developed. But there is always a special guest, who has been present at all of them since […]