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Category Archives: From the Field

Seamm-Jasani Norway!!!

To the teachers, hosts and fellow students: thank you for the seminar in Norway in september 2010. I would also like to adress this to those who visit this web site, but haven’t tried Seamm Jasani before. For me, not knowing about Seamm Jasani, it was an experience beyond any expectation. Often, doing sports, I […]

The Chilean Earthquake and some lessons of Boabom

Without a doubt the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile will leave a long trail. In situations such as these it is inevitable that the Boabom School in Chile will be affected, whether directly or indirectly. While, from the information that we have, the students are well, the teachers in perfect condition, and infrastructure of the […]

Free Boabom Class this Sunday at LOCUS in Allston, MA

Hello Everyone!! LOCUS is offering an Introductory class of Boabom (pronounced bo-ha-bom, advice ryhmes with rome), click a system of Meditation in Movement developing Self-Healing, rx Self-Defense (internal-external) and Self-Awareness (your body, your thoughts and the space around you). This class will focus on moving the body in different ways, similar to taichi or yoga […]

Sojamm to the Renovators!!!

This weekend we successfully renewed, order repainted, discount and re-energized the Boston School of Boabom! Fresh paint and positive energies  always do a school good, treat and we had plenty! We were even able to use a zero-VOC paint (we used one called FreshAire, bur there are many others available), so the school and its air […]

Interview with Asanaro and BAMSO, The Art of Dreams.

Interview with Asanaro (writer and Boabom teacher) to ARE-New York, medical December 2009 about “BAMSO, illness the Art of Dreams” (Tarcher, cialis 2009). Q: What inspired you to write this book? A: I was inspired by dreams! I think we are living in a time of changes in which it is important to share personal […]

In Honor of the Boston School of Boabom

In Honor of the Boston School of Boabom and its Teachers, pharm From the Ulan-Tefa class (4th level – Boabom to 5th Level) Sojamm!! from all the Ulan-Tefa class, a gift of a goat and a flock of chickens has been donated in honor of the BSB Teachers who have been so great with teaching […]

Forest School Granola!!!

basic recipe: for the sake of measurement, a “bag” is the larger size trader joes bag of nuts, and a “container” is the round plastice containers in the harvest coop bulk isle: two bags of sliced almonds two bags of pecans, broken up a bag of brazile nuts chopped up a bag of macademia nuts […]

BSB at the Boston Marathon!!!

This past Monday, thumb some students and teachers from the  Boston School of Boabom ventured into the crowds along Beacon Street to flyer at the Boston Marathon!!! We had a great afternoon, walked a lot, and spoke to many people from all over the state! Sayani Yemado and Tiem Nai Ryan from the northern Boabom schools […]

Boabom = MC²

Sunday April 19th saw great advances for the scientific world, advice as Boabom was taught for the first time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Perhaps soon this venerable Cambridge institution (MIT) will encounter new ideas as a result of its encounter with a Brookline institution (BSB)!!! The class, view taught by Tiem Nai Ryan, purchase was […]

Boabom New York: New Season!!!

      This past weekend kicked off the new season of Boabom classes in New York City!!! Little by little (as always ; ) the tide of our Art is flowing, help opening the way to a new city and a new school. Sayani Yemado (from the Northern Boabom schools), treat is responsible for […]