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Meditation Without Action is Like a Seed from Monsanto: Infertile

It is raining, this is nothing new in Nessoden, a pleasant village on a peninsula facing Oslo (Norway). Meanwhile, I am working quietly on the preparations for a meditation seminar organized by Boabom Norge. I review some notes and the program for the weekend. There are many ways to meditate, no doubt. For some, meditation […]

Global Village Construction Set

For any students of Boabom interested in construction, pilule open and free technology, seek take a look at this video. The Global Village Construction Set is a project working to make freely available plans for 40 machines necessary to “create a small civilization…” It is “a set of tools to build replicable, open source, modern, […]

Window Farms

Watch this video on Urban Farming! It’s a great way to live a little more sustainably within the contradictions of the city, and at the same time a great lesson in thinking positive and finding new solutions to our problems!!!

Chakra Boabom 108: Beyond the energy!

There are several *chakra, decease but only one **chakra boabom 108!!! and already has her first corn and her first fig! A big sojammmmmmm to the first corn and the first fig boabom of this millennium! May this cycle-circle be auspicious! *Chakra (derived from the Sanskrit cakraṃ चक्रं) is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or […]

The Story of Stuff

This is a video that EVERYONE should watch and play close attention to. There are certain things we should all be aware of, sick and work to change in a positive way, and and one of these is our habit of consumption. In Boabom, we learn that energy is cyclical, and in the same way […]

International Clayballs Meeting – Greece 2009 (Greening Encounter)

INTERNATIONAL CLAYBALLS MEETING The recent dramatic climate change all over the world must have left no doubt, at least to those who are aware of the degree of the destruction in nature, that we have no time to loose. We have to act the soonest possible and work to create again a Paradise on Earth. […]

Natural Farming

  The term ‘Natural Farming’ comes from a revolutionary approach begun by Masanobu Fukuoka, a japanese scientist. After working as a microbiologist in the 1930’s, he quit this position to ‘return to the natural way,’ through an agriculture more in accord with the rules of nature, an agriculture which understands and collaborates rather than trying […]