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… it is also when I realize how far I have come as a student

Every day that I have come to class at the BSB, pharm there has been an immediate sense of relief. The people that you meet are genuine and caring and the instructors are kind and patient. In most areas of my life, decease making mistakes and laughing them off is not permitted, I have found […]

Breathe in light…

A wonderful poem from Tami Elaine Prince! Sojammmmmm!!!!!!!

The Boabom Vortex: a real experience

“…It happened at around 21:00 just after I’ve finished the 3rd form of the Boabom Level 1 practice i did. I was standing at the base position in the osseous field [*standup position technique] after SHOUTING SOJAMMMMMMMM (i love to shout it…hihihi), relaxed a bit and just before the OmHas [*high breathing technique] i was […]

The Shadow

The Shadow It was fall, sickness it was late. The different tunes of the colors made the evening look dark. Sweet smells of plants on the weat ground, sales turning into soil. Slow winds playing among the trees, touching the last straw of grass, the sleepy movements of the lake. The forest main road was […]

Give a Cat a Home – MSPCA Adoptathon this Weekend!

Sojaaaam and positive energies to everyone!  I wanted to let everyone know about a fantastic event at the MSPCA November 5 and 6 (this weekend!)  The MSPCA cares for thousands of homeless cats every year.  Most of these cats are adults over the age of one.  While kittens are adopted quickly, adult cats often remain […]

Reconnect …, Occupy …, Evolve …

Often I write of connections made through thinking outside of what is the norm. But then learning to do so is like life, a process which progresses little by little. Through my study of Boabom I am learning to quiet my mind and to listen to my body, with hopes of thinking more clearly than […]

As one evolves so to do all…

A very wise and amazing Woman, recently shared a favorite quote of Hers with me. The Quote is from Buddha, someone my thoughts are drawn to from time to time. i can see where His Way and the Way which The Ancient and Healing Art of Boabom teaches, could be closely related. But then i […]

Once again Life speaks through a photo…

Once again Life speaks through a photo. Since beginning at The Boston School of Boabom i have begun to relearn my lost listening skills. As children we have a very clear, direct and honest way of seeing, hearing and living. These skills are lost or more so buried under the acceptances we make, as we […]

“In the looking there is seeing. Through the seeing there is being.”

Periodically the subject matter of things i have submitted to The Boabom Journal will return to me. Perhaps they still hold lessons i have yet to realize or accept. Perhaps the errors i have made in spelling and sentence structure cry for help. In this i am not quite sure. What i am quite sure […]


I honestly do not know how to start a piece like this one, stuff and so I will do it just like this, salve in my own style, a style that was, and is, shaped by many things, prominent among them learning the arts of Boabom and Yanbao over the past three and a half […]

Tonatzin: Triumph over Religious Syncretism

Tonatzin Our Lady of Guadalupe is recognized as a symbol of all Catholic Mexicans. Her feast is celebrated on December 12 and is the most important national holiday in Mexico. Some historians believe that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a representation of religious syncretism, combining the cult of the Virgin Mary with […]


i had very early after beginning at The Boston School of Boabom, been lucky enough to attend a Meditation Seminar, given at The School. Never having had any prior experience with meditation, i was unsure as to what i should expect. As with all things related to The Boston School of Boabom it was a […]

The Woman of the Desert

The Woman of the Desert She was a woman of the desert. In daytime, when her people where resting in the shadows, she often went out on her own. One day she saw the track of a mouse. It had been standing. Listening. Placing its forelegs carefully on the ground. Trying to escape. First into […]

The harvest comes

The harvest comes, the fruit must be picked. Leaves fall down. A shower of orange. Leaves on the ground. A carpet of yellow. A path winds through trees. A track out of the world. Leaves on the branches. A fire across the sky. Leaves on the ground, brown and gone. Snow falls down, a dusting […]

The Amazing Woman…

The recent photos shared in the Boabom Journal, sickness hold for me, purchase as do most things Boabom, troche and Boabom induced or related, a window, a door, a connection. The angles and colors combine with the subjects of the photos to speak. They hold, offer and say more than the obvious. If we are […]

Seamm-Jasani Norway!!!

To the teachers, hosts and fellow students: thank you for the seminar in Norway in september 2010. I would also like to adress this to those who visit this web site, but haven’t tried Seamm Jasani before. For me, not knowing about Seamm Jasani, it was an experience beyond any expectation. Often, doing sports, I […]

Singular and telling, is the bark of a lone Birch tree.

Singular and telling, cure is the bark of a lone Birch tree. Some might see as imperfections, the Beauty marks, which her timeless, weathered and vibrant skin bears. Her age can be seen and felt, in her presence and being. She stands with the wisdom and grace which has allowed her to survive many decades, […]

On the Water…

Being on the water in a kayak is a special way to end the day. While swimming i had been too low in the water. In a boat too high. But a kayak is for me the Goldilocks equivalent of just right. This provides for me the ability to be in and experience the true […]

Stillness is the move.

Open the Door, to That Which is Pure

Open the Door, to that which is Pure. We are Our Own Doctor, We hold Our Own Cure. The Past hidden Ages, do not need to hold Sway. Over so much that We Do, or so much that We Say. The Desire which shimmers, is holding a Lie. Searching the shadows, while the Light we […]