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Meditation Without Action is Like a Seed from Monsanto: Infertile

It is raining, this is nothing new in Nessoden, a pleasant village on a peninsula facing Oslo (Norway). Meanwhile, I am working quietly on the preparations for a meditation seminar organized by Boabom Norge. I review some notes and the program for the weekend. There are many ways to meditate, no doubt. For some, meditation […]

A great, simple idea: White Roofs!

Check out this video from the White Roof Project–an organization working to reduce excess heat in cities by painting flat, black roofs white, thereby lowering cooling costs in the summer and reflecting excess heat back into the atmosphere. A simple idea for fighting climate change and reducing energy consumption! Right now they’re working in New […]

Window Farms

Watch this video on Urban Farming! It’s a great way to live a little more sustainably within the contradictions of the city, and at the same time a great lesson in thinking positive and finding new solutions to our problems!!!

Sojamm to the Renovators!!!

This weekend we successfully renewed, order repainted, discount and re-energized the Boston School of Boabom! Fresh paint and positive energies  always do a school good, treat and we had plenty! We were even able to use a zero-VOC paint (we used one called FreshAire, bur there are many others available), so the school and its air […]

Chakra Boabom 108: Beyond the energy!

There are several *chakra, decease but only one **chakra boabom 108!!! and already has her first corn and her first fig! A big sojammmmmmm to the first corn and the first fig boabom of this millennium! May this cycle-circle be auspicious! *Chakra (derived from the Sanskrit cakraṃ चक्रं) is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or […]

On Conserving vs. Controlling…

Here is a nice clip about goals, view hard work, cialis and leaving the herd mentality. It speaks of leaving the system (herd) to work with the system “mama net” (mother nature). In short, what is good for the environment is good for us, while what is good for the economy (the present herd mindset) […]

Boabom and Economics

Economics today is maybe the most influential discipline in our world. Ideas like money, offer, demand, and so many deeply affect our lives. Investigating the basic economic principles is an interesting task, because it may shed light on our society. If we read any economics book, it says that this knowledge builds upon a basic […]

Boabom and an Art to Revitalize the Planet!

The Boabom arts teach us to take care of our energy and the energy of those who surround us. The Boabom practice makes us feel as if a flame is lit inside ourselves, recipe cure which fills us with vitality, health confidence, prostate health and joy. As classes continue this flame keeps growing and becomes […]