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Boabom Fables: The Road and the Drunk

Once upon a time there was a road, troche wide and flat, with a man walking along it. Now this man was drunk, so drunk that he staggered along, zigzagging from one side of the road to the other. Because of this his progress was slow, and he complained with every step. All of a […]

The Legend of the Mmulmmat: Coming Soon!!!

He barely made it to the peak, viagra where he climbed a rock covered by a white mantle of snows. He looked at the great circular line of the horizon and saw only mountains and more mountains; the view was sharp and clear. He was amidst of the summits of the world, for sale and […]

On the Water…

Being on the water in a kayak is a special way to end the day. While swimming i had been too low in the water. In a boat too high. But a kayak is for me the Goldilocks equivalent of just right. This provides for me the ability to be in and experience the true […]

Seeing life so clearly…

Seeing life so clearly, ed outside my mindful self Childhood and goodness, pills stored upon a shelf Grown to be a member, prescription within, but so without Joining in mock laughter, leads to a silent shout All, so very unimportant, all so very right Flaring of emotion, leads to another fight Life carries not the […]

“MISTIC MEDITATIONS” ~ English version

~ Now available! !! For first time in English!!! You can buy the book: Directly: The Boston School of Boabom Internet: “Mystic Meditations” a new book from Asanaro

Meditation Seminar in Boston School of Boabom – This weekend!


MEDITATION SEMINAR: Boston School of Boabom May 8th 4:00-6:00 pm It’s been a while since the last one, so, on general request, we will be teaching a Meditation seminar on Saturday May 8th, from 4:00-6:00 PM. This seminar will focus on meditation and relaxation techniques without movement, and is open to all current and former […]

For best results, yield…

Any student who enjoys Boabom, who tries to understand its peculiar Ways, especially Logak, will find this poem by Lao-Tzu enriched by the perspective of the Art. Stretching a bow or filling a teacup, it is the same: For best results, yield. Over-harden a blade and it will soon break; Stuff a house full of riches and […]

The Chilean Earthquake and some lessons of Boabom

Without a doubt the magnitude 8.8 earthquake in Chile will leave a long trail. In situations such as these it is inevitable that the Boabom School in Chile will be affected, whether directly or indirectly. While, from the information that we have, the students are well, the teachers in perfect condition, and infrastructure of the […]

Interview with Asanaro and BAMSO, The Art of Dreams.

Interview with Asanaro (writer and Boabom teacher) to ARE-New York, medical December 2009 about “BAMSO, illness the Art of Dreams” (Tarcher, cialis 2009). Q: What inspired you to write this book? A: I was inspired by dreams! I think we are living in a time of changes in which it is important to share personal […]

A Journey in Boabom…

Have gone through many changes since beginning at The Boston School of Boabom. Some easy, some not so much. Yet all have been ultimately, a positive experience in that i have begun working for a better way, in hopefully a better way than i had known. As i am drawn to words both spoken and […]

New Review about Bamso The Art of Dreams

“For me this book is particularly interesting in that it offers a non-psychological, medical stuff non-materialist system for understanding the activity of dreaming. I highly recommend it” by SUSAN POMEROY See full review

Bamso* in YouTube Channel!

Review by Cynthia Sue Larson’s YouTube Channel

Bamso: The Art of Dreams is available today!!!

We’re very happy to announce that Bamso: The Art of Dreams, by Asanaro, is now available from bookstores and online retailers! Bamso: the Art of Dreams recollects the story of Asanaro, student of the Boabom Arts, as he begins to explore the mysterious world of dreams under the guidance of his teacher. Asanaro learns how […]

Form of Meditation

“When we understand that this-finding that quiet place within where thinking ends and consciousness begins- is the most important goal and purpose of meditation, decease then it’s easier to understand and use the various forms of meditation. Nearly every spiritual tradition on Earth has developed some form of meditative practice, tadalafil and each is intended […]

Bamso: Dreams and Reality

Since before we had consciousness, doctor we have had dreams. Through the ages everyone, order from mystics to scientists, have been fascinated by this phenomenon, and over time many theories have been developed to explain them. Some recent theories have suggested new scientific ideas about what dreams really are, and these are not so far […]

Bamso… Music for a Story of Dreams

It has been several years now since I wrote the book Bamso: The Art of Dreams. This December it will be published in English for all to read, and it seems like only yesterday that I sat, finishing the final details, wondering if I had written everything right. Those days were intense, full of adventures […]