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Build an Altar…

Build an Altar, buy Adorn it in the finest way, pills Believe in it in the greatest way, Adore it in the deepest way… then Burn it. From Mystic Meditations by Asanaro

The City of Little Buddhas and the Destruction of the World

  In the Boabom Arts, one of the goals of meditation is to assess things, detached from all prejudice. In light of this, analyzing and meditating on eastern stories while assessing our present life, I have come to the conclusion that we are little Buddha Princes. The Buddhists say that Siddhartha, the Buddha, was born […]


Much of eastern thought is based on the concept that all things are impermanent; in the Boabom Arts, view however, sale we say that it is not impermanent, it is in movement. Although these ideas may seem to be different ways of saying the same thing, they are really different points of view. One reminds […]

108: Alignment of Light!

At the right time of  year, illness the alignment is just right…

Meditation Without Action is Like a Seed from Monsanto: Infertile

It is raining, this is nothing new in Nessoden, a pleasant village on a peninsula facing Oslo (Norway). Meanwhile, I am working quietly on the preparations for a meditation seminar organized by Boabom Norge. I review some notes and the program for the weekend. There are many ways to meditate, no doubt. For some, meditation […]

Meditation Seminar at Boabom Norge: June 1st!

Meditation Seminar: developing simple steps of meditation. Everyone is welcome to participate in this extraordinary weekend of meditation! This seminar will develop several steps of meditation, physician linked with Seamm-Jasani and Boabom, that are easy to practice at home and do not require any special physical condition. The class will focus on exercises for breath, […]

One poem of Gendün Chöphel, a Tibetan rebel

Gendün Chöphel (1903–1951) was a creative and controversial figure, discount is considered one of the most important Tibetan intellectuals of the twentieth century. An exceptional monk and an exceptional man. From the point of view of thought of the Boabom Arts, shop this poem is one of the best made by Chöpel. Meditate it and enjoy it! […]

Boabom and the Olympics: Art and Sport

Today we are inundated with publicity from the current Olympiad, held every 4 years with barely any interruption for a little over a century. Without detracting from the effort to bring together different nations on the sporting field, perhaps this event deserves a deeper analysis, beyond any political debate, from the point of view of […]

Boabom painting: The Wind

The Sword of Yaanbao: A Boabom Story

The Sword of Yaanbao A long time ago there was an old Boabom Guide named Tireless Expert. He had been born with a walking impediment, drugs but despite this he was famous for his abilities in the defense Arts called Yaanbao-Boabom, drugs which consisted of the mastery of elements of defense, recipe especially the most […]

For Joselín Godoy, An Anonymous Hero

Sojamm students, pilule friends and teachers of Boabom South and North! Some days ago my student, pharm our student, no rx and member of the Boabom Council, Joselín Godoy, left his body to soar towards the great universal mystery. I will miss him, and I am sure that everyone who knew him will remember him […]

The Boabom Vortex: a real experience

“…It happened at around 21:00 just after I’ve finished the 3rd form of the Boabom Level 1 practice i did. I was standing at the base position in the osseous field [*standup position technique] after SHOUTING SOJAMMMMMMMM (i love to shout it…hihihi), relaxed a bit and just before the OmHas [*high breathing technique] i was […]

Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables !!!

The new book “Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables” (Asanaro) is on sale from December 1 day!!! From the author of the book “The Secret Art of Seamm-Jasani” comes a new work, troche bringing readers into the realm of meditation and reflection. 38 Stories and Fables will stimulate the mind of those who enjoy simple […]


108  One hundred [and] eight (or nine dozen)It is a tetranacci number. It is the hyperfactorial of 3 since it is of the form . it is a refactorable number, shop it is divisible by the value of its φ function, prostate which is 36. 108 is also divisible by the total number of its […]

Quote of the Day

It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion, it is easy in solitude to live after your own; but the great man is he who, in the midst of the world, keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude. –Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)


i had very early after beginning at The Boston School of Boabom, been lucky enough to attend a Meditation Seminar, given at The School. Never having had any prior experience with meditation, i was unsure as to what i should expect. As with all things related to The Boston School of Boabom it was a […]

Boabom Fables: The Meditation of the Dance that Reveals the Thought

Among the many tales of the Boabom Arts, stomach there is one in particular that calls my attention. It is told that there was a remote retreat in the mountains, case inhabited by a group of elders who had achieved some fame for their strange meditation techniques. The retreat was called “The Shelter” and the […]

Boabom Meditations – 38 Stories and Fables: The Way of the Wild Cat

The Way of the Wild Cat (From the new book: “Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables” – Chapter 3)  There once was a wild cat who was friends with a house cat, and every once in a while they’d go hunting together. On a particular day they found themselves quite hungry, so they chased a plump, […]

Seamm-Jasani Boabom Norway! and beyond…

A thousands thanks to Asanaro and his wonderful teachers for bringing the Secret Arts of Seamm Jasani and Boabom to Norway. It has been a pleasure to be guided personally by Asanaro during his stay in Norway.  He is a living example of the ancient Arts. During the years I have tried yoga, click tai […]

Singular and telling, is the bark of a lone Birch tree.

Singular and telling, cure is the bark of a lone Birch tree. Some might see as imperfections, the Beauty marks, which her timeless, weathered and vibrant skin bears. Her age can be seen and felt, in her presence and being. She stands with the wisdom and grace which has allowed her to survive many decades, […]