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The Last Dream of Mada (mother)

… When the noble garments lay down all pales, unhealthy but the reflection of their shadows rises, ailment and left behind, case memories languish.   This old mother is light like the wind again! She walks without touching the ground, inhales without needing breath, rises to the zenith and with only her thoughts will trespass […]

Boabom and the Olympics: Art and Sport

Today we are inundated with publicity from the current Olympiad, held every 4 years with barely any interruption for a little over a century. Without detracting from the effort to bring together different nations on the sporting field, perhaps this event deserves a deeper analysis, beyond any political debate, from the point of view of […]

For Joselín Godoy, An Anonymous Hero

Sojamm students, pilule friends and teachers of Boabom South and North! Some days ago my student, pharm our student, no rx and member of the Boabom Council, Joselín Godoy, left his body to soar towards the great universal mystery. I will miss him, and I am sure that everyone who knew him will remember him […]

The Boabom Vortex: a real experience

“…It happened at around 21:00 just after I’ve finished the 3rd form of the Boabom Level 1 practice i did. I was standing at the base position in the osseous field [*standup position technique] after SHOUTING SOJAMMMMMMMM (i love to shout it…hihihi), relaxed a bit and just before the OmHas [*high breathing technique] i was […]


108  One hundred [and] eight (or nine dozen)It is a tetranacci number. It is the hyperfactorial of 3 since it is of the form . it is a refactorable number, shop it is divisible by the value of its φ function, prostate which is 36. 108 is also divisible by the total number of its […]

Bamso: The Journeys… Portraits from Tibet

Sojamm!!! Here are a few more portraits from Tibet to brighten your afternoon! Photographs by Yemado

Bamso: The Journeys…

More pictures from the roof of the world!!! Every time I look at these I am reminded of the incredible generosity and kindness of the Tibetan people, story who graciously made us the best received guests in the world. These pictures would never have been possible without their participation, illness nor without the special help […]

Bamso: The Journeys…

Yambulakang, Tibet’s first building… The Yambulakang is the legendary home of the ancient kings of Tibet. According to legend, they descended from the sky to rule, returning there when they had finished their reign. Anyway, it’s high enough that it might not be so difficult… Photographs by Yemado

Bamso: The Journeys…

This selection of pictures is from Nam Tso, order “Heaven” Lake, in central Tibet. Photographs by Yemado

Bamso: The Journeys…

Today’s selection of images from Tibet… Black and White for a gray Boston day! Photographs by Yemado

Bamso: The Journeys…

More pictures from Tibet. All of these are from Ganden Monastery, store perched on the side of a mountain. Photographs by Yemado

Bamso: The Journeys…

Photographs by Yemado