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Meditation Seminar at Boabom Norge: June 1st!

Meditation Seminar: developing simple steps of meditation. Everyone is welcome to participate in this extraordinary weekend of meditation! This seminar will develop several steps of meditation, physician linked with Seamm-Jasani and Boabom, that are easy to practice at home and do not require any special physical condition. The class will focus on exercises for breath, […]

Why do we celebrate the Solstice in BOABOM?

Many will ask, search why do we celebrate the Solstice? Why celebrate that date and not any other that might belong to a specific tradition, whether eastern or western? In the Boabom traditions there are no defined traditions but the ones that the schools determine according to their form and what is needed in the […]

New Poster: Boabom!!!

  New from Asanaro: a quick-reference practice poster for the Secret Art of Boabom!  Useful for the beginner or advanced practitioner, see this poster shows the complete sequence of movements from the book the Secret Art of Boabom. This poster is now available via For more information on Asanaro and his books,visit

Boabom Israel!!!

The birth of a new Boabom school always follows its own path, view and each has a unique story that continues to unfold. This newest, in its broad strokes, begins with awakening and search. Alone they are never enough, but with great energy supporting constancy and effort they can be transformed into something great!!! That […]

Happy Holidays and New Year from the Boabom Schools!

Happy Solstice, Holidays, and New Year from all of the Boabom Schools!!! We hope your last year has been exciting, enjoyable, and full of positive energies!!! It has been a great year for the Boabom Schools, their teachers and students around the world! •Boabom Norway: We are very happy to announce the formation of the […]

Tibetan Altruism Association: 2012 Calendar!

The 2012 Tibetan Altruism Association Calendar is now available for purchase on, at the Boston School of Boabom, Tashi Delek Tibetan Restaurant, and select other stores. All proceeds from the sale of the calendar go to help the Tibetan Altruism Association’s book drive, which has already brought over 50 books to the LamSang Language […]

Give a Cat a Home – MSPCA Adoptathon this Weekend!

Sojaaaam and positive energies to everyone!  I wanted to let everyone know about a fantastic event at the MSPCA November 5 and 6 (this weekend!)  The MSPCA cares for thousands of homeless cats every year.  Most of these cats are adults over the age of one.  While kittens are adopted quickly, adult cats often remain […]


To the Boabom Schools from Tibetan Altruism Association Special greetings and thanks to all The Boabom Schools (students and teachers), cialis for his cooperation and donation of books to the Project A LIBRARY FOR THE CHILDREN OF LHASA At the same time the Tibetan Altruism give the thanks to other friends like David from UK and many other […]

A Library for the Children of Tibet: the First Books in Lhasa!

We are happy to report that the first books from the Tibetan Altruism Association’s Book Drive have arrived in Lhasa! Thanks to everyone who sent these books, to those who have ordered and have books on the way, and to whoever is planning to send books! It’s very easy: just visit the Tibetan Altruism Association’s […]

Project: A Library for the Children of Tibet!!!!

The Boabom Schools are happy to participate in the Tibetan Altruism Association’s new project: A Library for LamSang Language School (Lhasa) The goal of this project is to provide books for the LamSang Language School in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, in China. The LamSang Language School works with Tibetan children and teenagers with limited […]

Solstice: More Raffle Prizes!!!

Well, the Solstice Celebration is just a day away, so aside from putting our positive energies toward excellent weather for tomorrow, we’re listing off more of our great raffle prizes! Today we’re featuring Bodywork and Natural Healing, and we have some great prizes. First up, a free acupuncture session with Heather Lance of Lance Acupuncture. […]

Seamm-jasani; 8 Essential Movements

SOON THE NEW BOOK: “Seamm-jasani; 8 Essential Movements” It will be able in all the Boabom Schools, and


A cordial greeting to Jamyang, ailment from Amdo, discount Tibet, purchase who has sent us, from Lhasa, this beautiful original drawing made by himself, dedicated to Boabom, in commemoration of the Tibetan New Year according to the traditions of the region of Amdo. A Great energy for Jamyang!  Great descendant of the ancient Kings of Bod! ~~~~~§~~~~~

New book of Seamm-Jasani soon!!!

SOON ENGLISH VERSION!!!! ~~~~~§~~~~~

Happy Solstice from the Boabom Arts, and news for 2011!!!

Hello and a Huge Greeting to Everyone!!!! A Happy Winter Solstice, Holidays, New Year, and everything else! All of the Teachers of Boabom would like to send you season’s greetings, along with some news from the past year and announcements for the upcoming one!!! This past year has been an eventful and productive one for […]

The Legend of the Mmulmmat – Coming Soon!

“…Slowly, what he respected before he now despises, and in this change he uses words as an implacable weapon. Human shall now mean not-animal, the female shall become a servant, belonging to man. Man shall be the entire species, of mother and father, only father shall rule, while the daughter shall not share in the […]


Solstice Greetings from the Boabom Council!!!

The Boabom Council wishes everyone a great positive energy, find medical a happy solstice, discount new season, prescription and new year! With the Sosltice, Summer in the North and Winter in the South, the Boabom Arts celebrate the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one, a new cycle, with energies renewed […]

Even More Raffle Prizes: Dinner, iPod Touch, more!!!

Tomorrow at the solstice is your last day to buy tickets… here are a few more prizes from our still growing list!!! Gift Certificates to Tashi Delek, a delicious Tibetan restaurant right in Brookline Village!!! A Boston Boabom favorite, Tashi Delek is tasty and welcoming, and always a good friend of the school! Thanks to […]

Solstice Raffle Prizes… Bodywork and Acupuncture Edition!

We’ve got two more awesome gift certificates in our raffle!!! This first is for a free session of Thai Yoga Massage by Bob Bruillard of Bodyworkers of Boston! Located in the South End, Bodyworkers of Boston has won many awards for its excellent therapeutic massage. The second is for a free acupuncture session with Heather […]