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Category Archives: BoaGreen: Construction

A great, simple idea: White Roofs!

Check out this video from the White Roof Project–an organization working to reduce excess heat in cities by painting flat, black roofs white, thereby lowering cooling costs in the summer and reflecting excess heat back into the atmosphere. A simple idea for fighting climate change and reducing energy consumption! Right now they’re working in New […]

Global Village Construction Set

For any students of Boabom interested in construction, pilule open and free technology, seek take a look at this video. The Global Village Construction Set is a project working to make freely available plans for 40 machines necessary to “create a small civilization…” It is “a set of tools to build replicable, open source, modern, […]

Sojamm to the Renovators!!!

This weekend we successfully renewed, order repainted, discount and re-energized the Boston School of Boabom! Fresh paint and positive energies  always do a school good, treat and we had plenty! We were even able to use a zero-VOC paint (we used one called FreshAire, bur there are many others available), so the school and its air […]

On Conserving vs. Controlling…

Here is a nice clip about goals, view hard work, cialis and leaving the herd mentality. It speaks of leaving the system (herd) to work with the system “mama net” (mother nature). In short, what is good for the environment is good for us, while what is good for the economy (the present herd mindset) […]

Boabom Art, Art of the Adobe ..

What’s similar between Boabom and Eco-dome construction? Both are an Art: Boabom builds the body-mind with inexhaustible natural elements, available to anyone with the patience, strength of will and determination to go beyond the traditional, commercial and ordinary. The Eco-dome (superadobe) builds a loyal refuge for the body with inexhaustible natural elements, available to anyone with […]