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… it is also when I realize how far I have come as a student

Every day that I have come to class at the BSB, pharm there has been an immediate sense of relief. The people that you meet are genuine and caring and the instructors are kind and patient. In most areas of my life, decease making mistakes and laughing them off is not permitted, I have found the opposite to be true at the BSB. Each week, something new is introduced so that we not only develop our skills, but so that we also remain humble and understand that there is much more to learn. When new students have joined the class, I have felt most comfortable and also the most humble. It is in those instances that I realize how much I can improve the basics and it is also when I realize how far I have come as a student.

 There have been days when I’ve woken up feeling very stressed and anxious and have gone to class. The calming environment and the exercise wash all that away within minutes. It clears the mind in a unique way and has left me feeling renewed afterwards. I have always felt welcomed and supported as a student at the BSB. It is a great place to learn a beautiful martial art as well to clear your mind and focus your energies.

Lastly, I must say that the concept of “no contact and no competition” is one that has changed me in subtle ways. Competition often taints a really enjoyable experience if the participants focus too much on it. I feel safe coming to class and learning without worrying about how my classmates are progressing. I simply focus on the instructor and I work on myself. It gives me a great sense of acceptance of my own ability and contributes to the overall positive energy within the class. Essentially, it is pretty difficult to leave a class at the BSB without feeling amazing!

Danielle C. (Boabom North)