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The Last Dream of Mada (mother)

MADA 108
When the noble garments
lay down
all pales, unhealthy
but the reflection of their shadows rises, ailment
and left behind, case
memories languish.
This old mother is light like the wind again!
She walks without touching the ground,
inhales without needing breath,
rises to the zenith
and with only her thoughts
will trespass her dome in the moment… 
she says;
this is my message
from the time that is not time:
behind me I saw the ancient garments,
unmade by the river of longing,
I crossed the height of the ceiling
that has protected them for decades,
I saw its tiny inner circles,
I fell into the skies,
pulled by the subtle rope of silence.
I rose gazing at the noble Valley of the Ties,
from the heights I appreciated
the splendid mountains,
I regarded the distant demarcations
of the eight extremes,
I saw the circle.
I went through the clouds,
the delicate shell of the dome of the skies,
I withdrew, elusive, impalpable…
I could see Mother Land, the guileless blue
dressed in white fabric, in motion…
I saw the circle.
I went away, guided by the Arts of the Bamso,
falling upwards,
driven by the ties of the ethereal,
elevated by the stellar winds,
received by the gentle arms of the immense,
on my left I passed
the voluptuous moon…
I saw the circle.
I continued, dragged,
directed without destination by the songs of mystery,
I saw the generous great-star of light pass by,
warm and pulsating,
I could look on her without burning my empty eyes,
memory of the organs that, to travel, I leave.
I appreciated the splendid shining,
impetuous and quiet.
I continued, dragged beyond,
I withdrew without destiny or memory.
And being so far away… so far away,
I saw only the Great Symbol of the Circle.
I saw it as a sphere flattened into a line,
as a straight curve into the distance,
as an endless corner…
Mada asuise, Mada sueise..
When the noble garments lay down
all pales,
but the reflection of their shadows rises,
and left behind, memories languish. 
(Asanaro – To my Mada – Farewell! Good last Bamso!)