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Meditation Without Action is Like a Seed from Monsanto: Infertile

Meditation & the Seed

It is raining, this is nothing new in Nessoden, a pleasant village on a peninsula facing Oslo (Norway). Meanwhile, I am working quietly on the preparations for a meditation seminar organized by Boabom Norge.

I review some notes and the program for the weekend. There are many ways to meditate, no doubt.

For some, meditation is synonymous with stopping thinking, maybe the right way to say it would be to quiet the mind. I analyze these ideas, while it still rains and something happens in the world. Meditating also ‘happens.’

If the mind stops, Does the world stop? Seems like a good Zen question.

We can respond in the same way: obtain a seed, stop the tree?

For while it is raining, I inhale and exhale. Life goes on, water seeks its natural flow.

The world moves, and many people would like to stop the rain with their hands, to control it in a convenient way. This is nothing new; it is human nature, fear of losing, of non-being, pushes us to compete, to win, without compassion, without considering the consequences.

I continue my meditation work.

In a few days there will be a worldwide protest against a danger which humanity has not yet lived; the genetically modified seed, harmful to health and to life; yet beyond this it is a symbol of a new type of domain, a new way of humans controlling humans.

Many years ago I learned something: walking and meditation go hand in hand, but with a goal; evolution, enhance, view, a change in action.

I feel that humanity has meditated all the great changes it has experienced in recent generations. Oddly enough for some, meditation is a natural act, always there;  you can do it right or wrong, but it happens.

Today I feel that as this global meditation is going into action, my thoughts are participating somehow.

There can be no doubt:

Meditation without action is like a seed from Monsanto: infertile.