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The Monkey King

This Story is based on a old Story from Tibet: The Monkey King

Near a fruity flowing River, a Monkey King and his People were living. From their Home in an old Tree, they could watch the Rain watering the River. The Sun dancing on the Surface. The Sky mirroring itself.

Every Evening the Wind talked in the Leaves, telling the Monkeys Stories from the World. And every Evening they fell asleep, awakening into new Worlds.

The Monkey King’s Heart was full of Love for his People. But he hided it like a Treasure. Only those who could hear very well, could hear his Heart beating.

Every Spring new Life was given to the Tree. Every Flower on the Tree became an Apple. And every Apple was eaten by one of the Monkeys.

The Monkey King’s Voice was strong: – Do not let any of those Apples fall into the River! If so, Humans from the Villages will find it and taste it. And then they will not rest until they have found the Mother Tree.

The Monkeys were listening. And It went well for many Years. The Rain was falling, the Sun shining and the Wind talking. The Monkeys were laughing and playing in the Tree.

One Night the Monkey King suddenly woke up. He was listening. Trying to hear what has wakening him. But all he heard was the Crickets. He reached for his Heart, feeling something. It has missed one Beat.

Next morning the Apple was floating down the River. Growing under a big Leaf, the Monkeys had not seen it.

A Fisher Man was gathering his Nets. He always delivered the Fishes to the Emperor. When he saw the Apple, he picked it up. In spite of the Morning cold Water, the Apple felt warm in his Hand. The Smell was sweet like a full Summer Day. He could not stop looking at it.

– I want to give this to the Emperor, he said to his Assistant. – If this Apple can give him the Joy it has given me, an maybe more, we will all be blessed! The Assistant started to laugh, thinking that the Fisher Man was making a Joke. But the Fisher Man ordered: – Do not look at me with that stupid Face! Hurry up. We will leave at once!

The Emperor’s Empire was beyond the 11 Mountains and 8 Valleys. He ruled well, like his Father and Grandfather before him. From his Mother he had learned to listen to his People, like his Father had learned from his Mother. From his Father he had learned to take unpopular Choices, when he knew it was the best for the most. Like his Father had learned from his Father.

But this Morning his Mind was far away. Like a Cloud at the top of A Mountain. So when the Chef told him that the Fisher Man had brought no Fish for Lunch, he answered: – Very well, very well.

Knowing that the Emperor always wanted to eat Fish, and having none this Morning, the Chef asked:
– What would his Highness then want for Lunch?
The Emperor looked at him, hearing the word “Lunch”.
– Give me what the Fisher Man brought today, like you always do, please.

The Meal was served and the Emperor looked at his Wife:
– This is very strange. It is no Fish here, only an Apple.
-I will talk with the Chef, she said. – I guess there is an Explanation.

The Emperor sighed, but took a bite of the Apple. And did forget about Everything: the Fisher Man, Wife, even the Chair he was sitting on. The only thing that filled him up, was the Taste of the Fruit.

What a Flavor! Like singing Birds and Waterfalls, like Laughter and sweat Tears, like the Sun and the Moon shining at the same Time.

He said: – I will not sleep, I will not eat and I will not rule this Empire until I have found the Mother Tree of this Apple!
The Wife said nothing. The only thing she said when he left was: -See you soon! Though she carried no Hope of doing so.

For 2 Years the Emperor and his Soldiers looked for the Tree. At the right Time, at the beginning of the 3., a sweet Smell waked the Emperor in the middle of the Night. The next Morning he saw the Tree.

He wanted to dance and sing, but then he heard the Monkeys playing. He gathered his Soldiers and whispered: – If we wait until Sunset, we can catch the Monkeys by Surprise. Then we can feast on their Flesh and enjoy the Apples for Desert.

The Heart of the King heard the Words that were spoken. He silently told his People to jump to the nearest Tree on the other side of the River. But nobody did. – It is too fare away, they said. The old King sighed, but saw no other outcome than to jump himself. He just managed to get a Grip onto one of the Branches.

– Hurry up, he whispered; – go, go!
– Why, they asked.
– Because I say so, he smiled.

Luckily one of the Children jumped over laughing loudly, and suddenly it became a funny Game for all of them.

The Emperor heard the Monkeys and understood they were escaping. – Attack!, he shouted.

At the same Time the last big male Monkey stepped on the Kings back, and it broke. – Help me, he said. But they did not hear him. They had already started to eat the Fruit growing on the other Tree, playing and laughing.

The Empire saw the Monkey King using himself as a Bridge. He heard the shout in pain and saw him falling into the River.

– Hurry up, he ordered the Soldiers. – Help the Monkey out of the River, but do not harm him!

Carefully the Emperor laid the King down on the Ground, on the finest Blanket they had. He gave him Water to drink and Fruit to eat. And he sat next to him until the Monkey King died.

– – – – – –

The Story also tells about a Palace that the Emperor build to honour the Monkey King. Another Story tells that the Monkey King still live there, Today.

Inger, Boabom Norway