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The Sword of Yaanbao: A Boabom Story

The Sword of Yaanbao

A long time ago there was an old Boabom Guide named Tireless Expert. He had been born with a walking impediment, drugs but despite this he was famous for his abilities in the defense Arts called Yaanbao-Boabom, drugs which consisted of the mastery of elements of defense, recipe especially the most precious of all, the Sword of Yaanbao.

One of his apprentices was something of a hypocrite, cunning too, and he had the habit of insinuating things instead of being direct. One day, he asked the old man with some irony in his voice, as if trying to test him:

“What is the difference between a swaggering lame old man and someone that can truly, really use the sword?”

Tireless Expert looked out to the horizon and answered, quietly:

“A swaggering man insinuates instead of asking, but he who knows the Sword of Yaanbao only draws it to use it, not to flaunt.” With this, he made a gesture as to grab his sword, which he carried across the braid with which he tied his tunic.

The hypocritical apprentice ran away, and was not seen again.

(from the book:  BOABOM meditations: 38 Stories and Fables)

• About Yaanbao:
Seminar of Yaanbao (Norway)
• The original picture was taken in NamTso lake (Tibet), from Yemado