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For Joselín Godoy, An Anonymous Hero

Sojamm students, pilule friends and teachers of Boabom South and North!

Some days ago my student, pharm our student, no rx and member of the Boabom Council, Joselín Godoy, left his body to soar towards the great universal mystery.

I will miss him, and I am sure that everyone who knew him will remember him with great appreciation. Joselín did much for the Boabom Arts; he was a gentle and strong man, made in older days, so for him to be steadfast in bad times, supporting and giving strength to the cause, was something natural. He was a protector who remained strong when many doubted.

I will never forget him. No doubt, he was a sailor in a storm… nothing of good times for him. He fought and protected his Art and his School with courage, a courage that few others had.

As a Boabom-Guide many say that I may seem distracted or I have a bad memory… But do not believe it! It is not true, I remember everything : )

Joselín, for his spontaneous, protective way, I affectionately named Gonpo (mgom-po; guardian, spiritual protector in Tibetan). He was a good friend to many, a good father, and a tireless worker who, at a young age, destiny took far away from his family to travel the Seven Seas.

He was certainly a fearless man of adventure. A man faithful to his thoughts, even before doubtful friends; he kept his faithful and noble way, and this made them see it.

Joselín drove his taxi for many years, known to protect his passengers with great courage. Many bandits knew those fists–the Joselín style–quite well. He did not hesitate to use them. He had a rare natural agility, reflexes that were quick and confident. He told me of many adventures; of all the times that he used the Art of Boabom to defend the innocent, like a cartoon hero in real life. He dared to do what no one dared and he did not hesitate to “apply” his Boabom when it was necessary. Without a doubt he was respected in Valparaíso, old port of the southern seas, where crime sometimes passed the limit of what was bearable. He was a true urban hero, and as all urban heroes he died in silence, without scandal, a bother to no one…

In the Boabom Sur Schools he participated in many ways; he attended the first Mountain School 108, almost 20 years ago. He always defended his ideals; before the strong he was strong, before the weak he was humble.

Here are photographs of Joselín in school activities, meetings, working at Boabom projects, and finally participating in the first activity of Nendo-Dango (natural agriculture) in Chile. He left his seed. He was part of the history of Boabom.

Just after he departed from his body, I dedicated some words to Gonpo, meditating about death. Today I would like to share them with all our English speaking friends and students.

Joselín; student,
apprentice of the magical, guardian,
Gonpo, Boabom Warrior,
Pepeleen The Adventurer, Mariner of the Ocean-Life,
partner in the fight for impossible missions!

The stellar wind already rises for you,
take advantage, follow it;
its force flies in your favor!

Today I meditate for you and think:

Why does death cause so much grief?
It may be separation, if you not are there?
It may be for unfulfilled dreams, if you have not made the effort?
I may be sadness, if you have not cried enough?

Why does death cause so much grief…?
Maybe it is only a message of the passenger,
A reminder of the incomplete?
A warning of the inevitable?

I meditate and think;
Where are the promises?
Where are the illusions?
Where are the companions?!

But… what is death?
Another life that extends into what we ignore?
The final theory of wisdom, or a shrewd scoundrel?

What is death, what is death…?
I meditate for you and think:
Maybe death is only a lake that is going dry
and we are just reflections in its drift…?

It does not matter… death does not matter!
No doubt, we will write stories about you,
noble stories, about a Don Quixote with a taxi for his old horse,
about someone who dreamed our dream,
a man of quick fists,
a silent hero in a nostalgic port.

Those who stay, cry;
Those who leave, smile.”

Sojamm Joselín, Sojamm Gonpo!!!

Asanaro (Boabom Sur-North)


Photographs of Joselín Godoy

Natural farming–for the first time in Chile–Joselín was there (behind, wearing blue pants)

A picture with his classmates.

No more than 8 students achieved the stage in Boabom that Joselín achieved in the Boabom Sur.

(Joselín, rear right)