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Boabom Israel!!!

The birth of a new Boabom school always follows its own path, view and each has a unique story that continues to unfold. This newest, in its broad strokes, begins with awakening and search. Alone they are never enough, but with great energy supporting constancy and effort they can be transformed into something great!!!

That something is Boabom Israel, and its principal teacher is Wiz. I met him some time ago, not too long but not too short, and since then he has shown a positive and constant energy for the Boabom Arts that has stretched across an ocean, a sea, and three continents. Through this hiss energy for the Boabom Arts has been unflagging, and its result is the burgeoning Boabom Israel!

We are happy to announce the birth and growth of this new school, and to point you to its website, Please share it with your Hebrew speaking friends, leave your greetings on facebook, and send your best and most positive energies for its rapid and continuous growth!!!


Yemado (Boabom North)