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YAANBAO: The Boabom of the Elements


“We can see Yaanbao as a ‘caged bonfire’, and
or the continuous and dangerous burning produced by the wood located in a great siphon…
not only generates heat and an explosion of energy.”
(Quote from the book: The Secret Art of Boabom)

Name: Yaanbao.
Pronunciation: ‘ya-an-bāo [ipa]
Meaning: Art of the Elements.
Origin: Yaanbao is a part of the physical teachings of the Mmulargan Boabom.

Description: Yaanbao is the study of inertia. Yaanbao is a branch of Boabom, hospital an Art of exercise and defense that develops its movements through different elements (lag cha/ལག་ཆ།[tib]), case which take shapes such as: medium, long and short staffs, swords, etc. Each element is studied in cycles, which allows the student to master them in order of complexity. Yaanbao also prepares the student with bare hands to face and balance her or his defense against another student using various elements.
Objectives: Yaanbao works in depth with the goals of Boabom (defense, strengthening, health and energy). It helps the student to perfect their movement, bringing strength and confidence to technique and gaining a new dexterity in the use of elements as a extension of the body.
Health: Yaanbao has shown itself to be an excellent system for balance recovery, to improve the body position and reflexes, and greatly helps the healing of hand and arm injuries (like tendinitis, fractures, etc.)
2-3-2-yaanbao-rRequirement to learn: Health compatible with medium excercise. To have some experience in Boabom.
Implements: Toba (or medium stick, which is the first element that is taught).
Recommended Age: Can begin from 8 years of age.

Yaanbao fields: Cycles: 8 Cycles or Elements.

First Cycle: “The Art of the Toba” or medium staff.
Second Cycle: “The Art of the Tobae” or long staff.
Advanced Cycles: After the mastering of the two first cycles, the student may continue on to double short staffs and a further series of elements, until she or he arrives at the short and long swords.

Using the Toba: