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Thangka: The Boston School of Boabom

Boston School of Boabom Thangka

Thangka: The Boston School of Boabom

This Thangka* is part of the collection donated to the Boabom Schools by Thupten Tulpa (from Lhasa, Tibet). Handmade and painted by Tibetan artists in Lhasa, the Thangka is made in the traditional Tibetan style, with pigments made of hand-pulverized minerals, mounted on natural silk with fine embroidery.

The work:

This drawing represents The Boston School of Boabom, named in Boabom as the School of the Power of Consciousness, represented by three guides seated around a flame, symbol of the harmony that must exist from the fire’s inception, that must continue to burn strong. In this, consciousness plays its role as a factor of will, stability, knowledge, and understanding of the facts that are necessary for the fulfillment of the teaching.

The School in Boston has a long history: It was the first school in the USA and it has served as a spark to begin other schools, sharing the flame of consciousness with new places and new students around the world.

The green hue depicts New England, with its beautiful, abundant forests.

As well, the city of Boston is known for its many internationally renowned universities, and is the major center of education in the USA.

At the base of the Thangka is written:
“dran shes kyi nus stobs – bho a bhoM sgyu rtsal. Literally: “The Power of Consciousness (to be aware)– School of Boabom Arts”
This Thangka currently hangs in the Boston School of Boabom, MA, USA.

More information:

*Thangka: A Thangka (pronunciation: tänkä) is a traditional Tibetan tapestry, embroidered and painted by hand, used in monasteries and in family altars. It is a mre than thousand year old tradition.