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The Boabom Vortex: a real experience

“…It happened at around 21:00 just after I’ve finished the 3rd form of the Boabom Level 1 practice i did. I was standing at the base position in the osseous field [*standup position technique] after SHOUTING SOJAMMMMMMMM (i love to shout it…hihihi), relaxed a bit and just before the OmHas [*high breathing technique] i was about to make, I Saw/Felt and Experienced the earth spinning/rotating vertically around me from the tip of my toe at the floor upward in front of me…all the floor and the room was rotating up around me like about 270 degrees i guess… It was fascinating, I’ve tried to stay as cool as I could not being surprised so much by it in order to avoid its disappearance if I let my mind take the control and interrupt it so it would “cut” new unpredictable experiences; So i was just standing there watching it and stood there staring and feeling this experience. I remember having a big smile on my face, lots of heat and energy moving inside and around me. it was so amazing to be in this space…

than after its rapid rotation my sight was fixed again back to the floor and wall in-front of me. all the floor and wall was vibrating and shifting up and down – it was like a wave of sound . slowly and gradually the movement reduce its shift and speed till all came back to normal and the vibration Stop. it last for some time , it doesn’t matter how long but i felt like about a moment in this experience.

it was so vivid and I felt just great energy inside me, everything was sharp and clear, and couldn’t take the smile and feeling for some time :-).
I’ve thanked the experience, continue my practice, OmHas and sat down for some meditate…”


Wiz (Boabom East)