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Boabom Thangka: Original Tibetan Art and the Boabom Schools

Thangka of the Southern Boabom School: Buiobom

The Thangka* in this photograph was painted in Lhasa by Tibetan artists, shop as a special present from  Boabom Tulpa Thupten, official representative of the Boabom Schools in Tibet and the Far East.

The painting was done with traditional Tibetan paints, made by hand from pulverized minerals, and mounted on natural silk.

The drawing represents the “Tree with Deep Roots,” symbol of refuge and emblem of the Southern Boabom School located in Viña del Mar, Chile. The fruits symbolize its teachings, ripened over many years, and the deep roots represent the strength it has shown through the trials of its many years. The three divisions of its branches tell of the three fundamental Arts: Seamm-Jasani, Osseous Boabom, and Yaanbao.

The circle represents the world of the school, of its students, teachers, and guides.

The waters below the tree and the blue surrounding the circle describe the geography of the school, with the nearby river that crosses the city of Viña, and the great sea of the South.

The Tibetan caption reads: gting dpog dka’ pa’i dben gnas bho a bhoM sgyu rtsal

Translated, this means: Hermitage of Deep Roots – School of Boabom Arts

This Thangka hangs in the Boabom School in Viña del Mar and is one of the only works of Tibetan Art of its kind to be found in Chile. It is as rare as the Boabom Arts.


*A Thangka is a Tibetan painting, mounted and embroidered on silk. More information and traditional examples visit here.