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As one evolves so to do all…

A very wise and amazing Woman, recently shared a favorite quote of Hers with me. The Quote is from Buddha, someone my thoughts are drawn to from time to time. i can see where His Way and the Way which The Ancient and Healing Art of Boabom teaches, could be closely related. But then i think that is true of all things and Beings who are positive, sharing and Loving. They all further what is good and lasting, simply to help create and share something positive within and for All. But to do so we would have to end suffering for All. This would require those with much, to be less centered on taking and learn to give, or at very least to desire less. Those with less would have to see how wealthy they are. Some with very overactive appetites may see this as suffering for themselves, as they accept less by means of Being more. Perhaps that is how another Human Being who had the means in their heart, or their pocket to end the suffering of another Human Being could be blind to just that.

But that is a collective acceptance we are far from learning it appears. Funny thing about lessons, life, energy and Karma. They have a way of doing through you, what you are unable or unwilling to do for you. The quote allowed me to ponder, and for a moment, much like the moments sometimes found in Logak, i was free. Free to find through a pure and simple Way of thinking and acting what IS possible. To stop thinking Like a collective individual and start BEING an individual.To allow myself to be a Human, to be truly Humane in my thinking and actions. The quote is as follows:

When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.

If i may offer a very humble interpretation as means of spurring some thought of your own. I was first drawn to everything is perfect. Perfection is there for us, but we choose otherwise. Then i moved to everything we do, all our choices and experiences are perfect, for how we are then at that moment. Even in choosing something less than perfect, less than correct it is still perfect. If it allows us to learn, to grow, to evolve into a better Way for Us, better still. For we are always perfect in who we are. The trick is to choose to be a better Us, then the perfection we create will be of a positive and lasting Nature! Why create a perfect negative to furthering suffering? When perfection and happiness are only a smile or a kindness away. Perhaps perfection is what we make of it Positive or negative, through our choice, our thoughts and our actions?

After pondering a bit more, a past journal entry came to mind. It was a Tibetan proverb coupled with the photo of a Majestic Mountain, a special place i think, perhaps you will feel it too. This connection allowed me to imagine climbing to the tippity top of the highest peak in the photo. After my Guyness declined a bit, and allowed a bit of Boabom accepted me, to return. i understood that upon reaching the summit i would have in true Guy fashion, been bettering myself in some manner of ego. i would have been actually separating myself from others while seeing only that i was better, bigger, higher. i would not have seen that in striving to be above all, i succeeded only in isolating myself from what i sought. In this, perfection is unattainable as i would always need a higher peak a bigger mountain to climb to sustain what was unsustainable. i considered that maybe perfection is to be found a bit lower, was Buddha’s lesson, as i looked at my lint filled navel.

Perhaps Buddha meant that perfection was momentary, if found, it is not a state but an experience. One to be shared over and again through every imperfect daily happening which we could choose to make perfect by finding only the good, while dong no harm. A true belly laugh was issued long and loud. A cleansing and healing laugh formed in the sweat earned through the practice of Boabom. As i leaned back in laughter my head turned up, my eyes opened to see a perfect sky. So in a friend living the good She had learned, through Her sharing the words of a very wise Being. i allowed myself a handhold in climbing a bit closer to a better Way. Sometimes i think Buddha must to have been in touch with both his Feminine and Male sides, in order to be so wise, generous and secure. Perhaps that which has evolved into true goodness, true Love for another Being is lasting and Eternal. Perhaps that is why Buddha is still remembered and Boabom is still practiced today. So find a quote, read a book , share with a friend or visit His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and reflect on what is simple, pure and healing, as means of building something lasting. “As one evolves so to do all.” (Taken from the words of Asanaro)

So get out there and do some of that evolving stuff!!!! It is a start my Friends it is a collectively healing start !!!!!!!!!!!!! Sojammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Dark Horse (Boabom North)