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i had very early after beginning at The Boston School of Boabom, been lucky enough to attend a Meditation Seminar, given at The School. Never having had any prior experience with meditation, i was unsure as to what i should expect. As with all things related to The Boston School of Boabom it was a wonderful and most positive experience. The Teachers and Students filled the room with enough positive energy and enthusiasm, for even one as oblivious as i, to feel comfortable. The introduction and discussion set my fear of being brainwashed at ease. Fact being, all anyone would have needed to brainwash me back then, would have been a wet paper towel!

i honestly and truly relaxed to an amazing degree! Possibly due to my being both physically and mentally at ease from the exercises we learned. The atmosphere, the Teachers, and the Students, all made it very easy for me. In doing so, through the course of the seminar, i learned to be at ease with myself as well. Although only a fleeting taste of what may be possible some day through extensive work and experience. Meditation is work after all, the work of filtering out all the interruptions my noggin sends me. In doing so the quiet provides opportunity to reevaluate more clearly, what is honestly going on in my life.

When i first began to meditate, thoughts of what was at the present time a bother in my life, would intrude, so as to distract me. As i practiced the exercises and lessons from the seminar, i got better at meditating. The better i get at meditating, the better i get at me. When i can at times get my mind to hush. Those brief moments are pure insightful relaxation.

i like to meditate either in a recliner or lying down. So there is always the possibility of turning my meditation into a nap. My early attempts led to some most memorable snoozes! A form of Sleepitation which provides for a most relaxed practitioner. Yeah, i wasn’t sleeping … i was meditating! Noooooo, i wasn’t snoring, that’s meditation breathing. Just sounds like snoring!! Like any self improvement program meditating is best practiced on a regular basis. Meditation has many forms and avenues. Some aspects of my day can at times mimic the meditation in movement, that i sometimes experience in a Boabom class. Likewise simply going for a walk can prove a most rewarding and healthy form of meditation. Yes you can meditate while walking, working, anywhere! Who knew? Thanks to an amazing seminar i now do! And whenever possible i do just that!

If i have learned anything, it is that meditation is about and for me. It allows me to stop, relax, and find my own answers. But more so, as it shows positive realizations and growth in me, it also positively impacts those in my life as well. If you ever have the opportunity, i would highly recommend attending a Seminar on Meditation taught by Asanaro. From experience it may prove to be time very well spent. Which may help you to better spend your time…

Possibly be the start of something new for you and those in your life as well.

Also from experience, meditation is so much healthier and cheaper than medication! My experience has been there are no down sides to meditating. Except of course, my bartender was sad when i started meditating, and stopped my frequent need to medicate!!!!!!


Dark Horse (Boabom North)