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Boabom Fables: The Meditation of the Dance that Reveals the Thought

Among the many tales of the Boabom Arts, stomach there is one in particular that calls my attention. It is told that there was a remote retreat in the mountains, case inhabited by a group of elders who had achieved some fame for their strange meditation techniques. The retreat was called “The Shelter” and the technique that was taught there was called “The Meditation of the Dance that Reveals the Thought.” Apprentices came from many different towns to learn from the elders. Now and then one of them, search tired of the practices or without enough confidence in their effectiveness, left the place before his time.

One of these returned one day, after some time away, and announced himself by brusquely knocking at the entrance. One of the elders, the one who had been his Guide, slowly went and opened the great gate separating the Shelter from the outer world.

The apprentice asked, rudely, “Old man, I will go straight to the point: I want to teach the Meditation of the Dance that Reveals the Thought, which I learned from you, in town… I have come to let you know, anyway, that I will give you a portion of what I receive for the teachings…”  After hesitating for a moment he continued, “I do not want to annoy you old man, but I will do this, with or without you.”

The elder looked strangely at him, silent, and the young one insisted, “You know, I am not interested in staying here or finishing the years that you ask for your discipline. I think that is useless, and that you are full of faults… I will consider your answer, but remember, I will do it anyway, with or without your consent.”

The old Guide felt sad, only saying, “It is a shame that your learning has not been fulfilled, and it is a shame that the Meditation of the Dance that Reveals the Thought has not been able to awaken in you its fundamental achievement: humility. With no achievement, there is no seed… therefore, how can you teach what is born infertile? And moreover, why do you need my approval for something you have already decided?”

The young man looked at him with an angry, confused expression. “You, always with your strange riddles…”

The elder replied, “Son, it makes no sense to give approval what already has been approved, as it makes no sense to encourage the road that leads into a chasm, as it makes no sense to use a subtle teaching only in the hope of strengthening your wounded pride.”

The ex-apprentice stood surprised, nervously arguing, “But I will pay you a part… It will be helpful for you, you can buy some things for the Shelter.”.

The old Guide finally answered, “What you have lost can not be found by buying it, and what brings life to this Shelter are not things, so please continue on your way… And if some day you would like to return, come, but knock with humility.”

The young one grumbled something between his teeth, and walked away.

Boabom Fables (by Asanaro)