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Seamm-Jasani Norway!!!

To the teachers, hosts and fellow students: thank you for the seminar in Norway in september 2010. I would also like to adress this to those who visit this web site, but haven’t tried Seamm Jasani before.

For me, not knowing about Seamm Jasani, it was an experience beyond any expectation. Often, doing sports, I start to move being cold. Then I get warm, drinking water and moving. Afterwards I would stretch and eat some protein and drink some more water. With Seamm Jasani I got warm at once – streching and building muscles at the same time. I could go on for hours, using the energy in and around me.

We moved slowely. It felt good having enough time. No hurry. No stress. Teachers creating a good atmosphere. Teaching us to breathe in a way that made my body receive more oxygen than before. Time. Time to sense myself, the breathing, then energy in me and around me. Taking colours out – and in. Elements out and in. Again and again.

All my senses became strong. Doing Seamm-Jasani so intensively (two whole weekends and on hour every day between), developed something in me I never felt before. What? Well, that is for me to know and you to find out : )

As I see it, Seamm Jasani is for everybody . And it is not about competition. The last weekend we were many students, of different age and condition, doing and breathing the same moovements. Being in our own energy and sharing it with each other.

This is about you beeing you. Shearing some of my experiences from the seminar, I have told you something about me. You will tell something else.

Greetings from Inger, Norway