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Seamm-Jasani Boabom Norway! and beyond…

A thousands thanks to Asanaro and his wonderful teachers for bringing the Secret Arts of Seamm Jasani and Boabom to Norway. It has been a pleasure to be guided personally by Asanaro during his stay in Norway.  He is a living example of the ancient Arts.

During the years I have tried yoga, click tai ji and qi gong, cure but have found it boring after some time, something was missing.

When I was introduced to Seamm Jasani through Asanaros first book six months ago, I started to practice the movements daily. For me it was love from the first movements, a remembering. I enjoy the variety of the movements and look forward to my daily practice. The movements balance body and mind and help me return to the core of my being, I am and beyond.

I congratulate Asanaro for the way he have put the 58 movements together and how easy it was to follow his instructions and drawings. Two month ago I started to study and practicing the movements in his second book The Secret Art of Boabom.

I love the dance between the two Arts, one slow, deliberate and detailed with its elongated breathing technique and Boabom fast, strong and quick, precise and solid with a sharp breathing technique, stimulate hidden psychic energy and the subconscious. The movements sober and quiet the mind, so we as human beings can be more receptive to the divine influence. The two Arts balance the feminine and masculine energies and help me move more harmoniously on my earth path. With practice and patience gradually the ancient Arts reveal its secrets, open our hearts, create new connections in the mind and helps us to let go of unwanted patterns.  The movements are living you that are the joy of it. The Arts are a great gift to humanity.

With gratitude, love and joy I thank you, Asanaro and your teachers.

Laila, Oslo / Norway