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Boabom Meditations – 38 Stories and Fables: The Way of the Wild Cat

The Way of the Wild Cat (From the new book: “Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables” – Chapter 3) 

There once was a wild cat who was friends with a house cat, and every once in a while they’d go hunting together. On a particular day they found themselves quite hungry, so they chased a plump, delicious looking rabbit. The rabbit ran and hid in his burrow, so the two cats sat outside the entrance, waiting.

The wild cat sat patiently, silent and calm, waiting only for the prey to show itself; he did not move, did not even turn his head. The house cat quickly became bored, and he began to move about and, rolling around on the ground, started speaking to the wild cat:

“Let’s go hunting someplace else.”

But there was no response from the wild cat, who did not even move to look at him. The house cat kept on whining.

“It’s so hot… my legs hurt… purrrr… maybe that rabbit’s not worth it.” “I’m so bored…” Soon he continued his complaints. “You know, you’re obsessed… I’m more comfortable at home than with you…” “Purrr… you always think you’re the boss.. Aren’t you tired? You don’t even care about me…”

Yet through all this there was no response from the wild cat, who neither spoke nor felt any pity, for his own fate, or for that of his friend. Finally the house cat turned and left for home, bored with waiting, exclaiming as he left:

“It’s a strange thing, the way of the wild cat!”

After the cat left and silence came, the rabbit came outside; the wild cat caught him and ate him alone, an unforgettable feast.

From the new Book “Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables” ~ Asanaro

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