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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Boabom Meditations – 38 Stories and Fables: The Way of the Wild Cat

The Way of the Wild Cat (From the new book: “Boabom Meditations: 38 Stories and Fables” – Chapter 3)  There once was a wild cat who was friends with a house cat, and every once in a while they’d go hunting together. On a particular day they found themselves quite hungry, so they chased a plump, […]

Seamm-Jasani Boabom Norway! and beyond…

A thousands thanks to Asanaro and his wonderful teachers for bringing the Secret Arts of Seamm Jasani and Boabom to Norway. It has been a pleasure to be guided personally by Asanaro during his stay in Norway.  He is a living example of the ancient Arts. During the years I have tried yoga, click tai […]

Seamm-Jasani Norway!!!

To the teachers, hosts and fellow students: thank you for the seminar in Norway in september 2010. I would also like to adress this to those who visit this web site, but haven’t tried Seamm Jasani before. For me, not knowing about Seamm Jasani, it was an experience beyond any expectation. Often, doing sports, I […]

The Necessary Revolution!

Brain Plasticity

BOABOM VIKING!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!! (by Tulpin)