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Singular and telling, is the bark of a lone Birch tree.

Singular and telling, cure is the bark of a lone Birch tree.
Some might see as imperfections, the Beauty marks,
which her timeless, weathered and vibrant skin bears.
Her age can be seen and felt, in her presence and being.
She stands with the wisdom and grace which has allowed
her to survive many decades, storms, seasons and man.
Some might view her as old and less than she truly is.
To know her, lie under her proud, serene, and loving umbrella.
Slim young branches move with the carefree urgency of youth.
Larger ones move with the unhurried grace found in experience.
Her bright leaves dance wildly in the swift summers breeze.
Turning up their heels and showing their undersides as excited
warning of an afternoon thunder storm soon to be passing by.
She wears a warm and knowing grin as she makes life just
a bit more bearable and beautiful. While a guardian of life itself.
Like most females, she can be a contradiction wise and gleeful,
experienced yet seeking new experiences, a woman , a child.
She lives life, she gives life, while sustaining and celebrating life.
As with all energies female, She is a Goddess, in the truest sense.
Her wise and enduring strength is founded in accepting what life holds.
In her being strong and secure enough to accept. She and all about her flourish!

Dark Horse (Boabom North)
Photographs by Yemado