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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Singular and telling, is the bark of a lone Birch tree.

Singular and telling, cure is the bark of a lone Birch tree. Some might see as imperfections, the Beauty marks, which her timeless, weathered and vibrant skin bears. Her age can be seen and felt, in her presence and being. She stands with the wisdom and grace which has allowed her to survive many decades, […]

Boabom Fables: The Road and the Drunk

Once upon a time there was a road, troche wide and flat, with a man walking along it. Now this man was drunk, so drunk that he staggered along, zigzagging from one side of the road to the other. Because of this his progress was slow, and he complained with every step. All of a […]

The Legend of the Mmulmmat: Coming Soon!!!

He barely made it to the peak, viagra where he climbed a rock covered by a white mantle of snows. He looked at the great circular line of the horizon and saw only mountains and more mountains; the view was sharp and clear. He was amidst of the summits of the world, for sale and […]