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The first of its kind! A Boabom Painting!

We have the great opportunity to offer for sale a beautiful, sale one-of-a-kind painting, ambulance made by one of the assistant teachers of the Southern Boabom Schools! We’ll be selling this painting by silent auction, see meaning that everyone must submit their bids via email (to [email protected]), or privately, and the highest bidder will win the painting, including its beautiful, hand-carved frame! Here are the details… feel free to ask any questions! The bidding will end on April 15th.

Title: Samehsameh
Motif: This beautiful picture is the first of its kind. It is a representation of the Art of Boabom, one in a line of paintings made to illustrate the book “The Legend of Mmulmmat”. The piece itself illustrates a classic movement from the Art of Seamm Jasani, as shown by a female student at a gathering, by the light of a bonfire (Chapter 23, “Samehsameh,” Legend of the Mmulmmat).
Frame: The painting’s frame is hand-carved of red oak.
Dimensions: Painting: 26 cm x 16.5 cm (10.5 in x 6.5 in). Frame: 44 cm x 33 cm (17 in x 13 in).
Materials: Oil on acid-free cotton paper.
About the artist: The artist is a student and assistant professor of Boabom, from the Southern Schools, who has had a long career in painting. She believes that the message, or image, is what is important, and not its author, so she reserves her name.
Price: $ 130 starting/reserve price (including frame).
Proceeds: 100% of the proceeds of this auction will go towards the projects of Boabom South, including reforestation and alternative construction that they have undertaken in Chile.

More information:

[email protected]