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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Window Farms

Watch this video on Urban Farming! It’s a great way to live a little more sustainably within the contradictions of the city, and at the same time a great lesson in thinking positive and finding new solutions to our problems!!!

Two Haiku

TWO HAIKU (April 21, illness 2010) Chile Trav’lers back! We are all reunited “… and it feels so good…” Boabom is hard but harmless.  Real danger is Assembling the wall. – the other anonymous student (Northern School)


MEDITATION SEMINAR: Boston School of Boabom May 8th 4:00-6:00 pm It’s been a while since the last one, so, on general request, we will be teaching a Meditation seminar on Saturday May 8th, from 4:00-6:00 PM. This seminar will focus on meditation and relaxation techniques without movement, and is open to all current and former […]

More Boabom Cats!!!

Only a few days left…

There are just a few days left to bid on this Boabom painting… so if you’re interested, now’s the time!!! Please bid via email (to by the end of the day on Thursday, April 15th! The highest bidder will win the painting, and in case of a tie, preference will go to the earliest bid. […]

For best results, yield…

Any student who enjoys Boabom, who tries to understand its peculiar Ways, especially Logak, will find this poem by Lao-Tzu enriched by the perspective of the Art. Stretching a bow or filling a teacup, it is the same: For best results, yield. Over-harden a blade and it will soon break; Stuff a house full of riches and […]

The first of its kind! A Boabom Painting!

We have the great opportunity to offer for sale a beautiful, sale one-of-a-kind painting, ambulance made by one of the assistant teachers of the Southern Boabom Schools! We’ll be selling this painting by silent auction, see meaning that everyone must submit their bids via email (to, or privately, and the highest bidder will win the painting, including […]