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Monthly Archives: February 2010

the Car Wash

Went to the car wash today, i know it is a waste of good water and the soap probably is not so good for the environment, but it is a necessary evil. Well for as long as i drive a car and when occasionally, i can’t bear to see it so grimy. Maybe i should […]

Free Boabom Class this Sunday at LOCUS in Allston, MA

Hello Everyone!! LOCUS is offering an Introductory class of Boabom (pronounced bo-ha-bom, advice ryhmes with rome), click a system of Meditation in Movement developing Self-Healing, rx Self-Defense (internal-external) and Self-Awareness (your body, your thoughts and the space around you). This class will focus on moving the body in different ways, similar to taichi or yoga […]

Sojamm to the Renovators!!!

This weekend we successfully renewed, order repainted, discount and re-energized the Boston School of Boabom! Fresh paint and positive energies  always do a school good, treat and we had plenty! We were even able to use a zero-VOC paint (we used one called FreshAire, bur there are many others available), so the school and its air […]


On January 31, 2009 the *BSBLROFC (Boabom Boston) came out en masse to attend a piano concert by our own Lindsey Robb. As some of you know Lindsey is an accomplished classical pianist who teaches at the Rivers School, Conservatory of Music in Weston, MA and who gives private lessons to some lucky fledgling students […]

Recipe: Granola!

Here is a simple granola recipe that you may enjoy! It’s been tested and is known to taste very good!!! It is nut-free, though they can be added, and the recipe can be adjusted to accommodate nearly any dietary restrictions. Ingredients: 3/4 – 1 cup Oil (any neutral oil: Sunflower, Safflower, Canola, etc…) 1/2 – […]

Seamm-Jasani Seminars in Ecuador!

March – 2010… Seminars in Ecuador, find Quito and Guayaqil! Soon more information

Boabom Cats…

– ” Arrrgh…!!! This mouse knows Boabom!!!” ~~~~~•~~~~~

Last Day: Boabom for $20 on Living Social!

Today is the last day for new students to take advantage of our collaboration with LivingSocial: $20 for your first month’s membership! Pass this link along to your friends–you can even buy it as a gift! There are less than 24 hours left to buy the deal, so pick it up by midnight tonight! Boston […]

A Student’s Exhortation for Contributions!

Just occurred to me that i truly enjoy checking in with The Boabom Journal. Often with anticipation, as to what new thought provoking and insightful positive it will hold. At times there will be a gap between entries, which could for one less secure prove a disappointment, or a let down. Last time the Journal […]

Boabom Cats…

“mmm… my young apprentice… good position! As we say in Boabom; a good foundation makes a good building”